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Diamond bills it as a ``connected organizer,'' with a docking station that links it to your PC's serial port for backup and synchronization; a smallish full keyboard as well as a touch-sensitive screen and stylus; and the ability to connect to the Net anywhere through GSM-enabled cell phones and an optional travel modem.
A much more imposing, though so far less successful, competitor is Microsoft, which has been trying for a few years now to establish a variety of devices, both organizers and ``palmtop'' computers, that use a slimmed-down version of Microsoft's operating system called Windows CE.
Organizers are trying to field up to 16 players from the four Dream Teams - the 1992 and '96 Olympic teams and the '94 and '98 World Championship teams.
After years of listening to friends and colleagues suggest she become a professional organizer, she found her calling when she learned of an opportunity with Major Organizers[R].
At the end of event on the said date, the organizers shall ensure that there is no stampede by participants and shall be responsible for any consequences in this regard.
You can also contact the festival organizers through this website : www.
District organizers ordered to complete nomination process of organizers at Town, Tehsil level
Antelope Valley organizers said registration volunteers will be forbidden to sign up noncitizens and must ask people whether they are U.
Organizers and participants expect to be able to access and display data when and where they need it, in multiple formats and using a variety of platforms.

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