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Organon and Lexicon will initiate the collaboration by selecting up to 300 genes that encode secreted proteins or potential antibody targets.
David Nicholson, Executive Vice President of Global Research & Development at Organon, stated, "We at Organon are dedicated to maximize the potential of R&D compounds.
On April 1, 2005, Frank Tielens assumed the position of President and CEO of Diosynth Biotechnology, which is the Organon third-party contract manufacturing services unit for biopharmaceuticals.
In more than 40 years of anesthesia research and development together with anesthesiology professionals, Organon has introduced several innovative products into clinical practice, including Esmeron(R) the fast-onset muscle relaxant.
We are pleased that Organon plans to combine their product development experience with our UltiMAb technology to develop novel therapeutics," said Donald L.
Pharmacopeia and Organon have been collaborating on the discovery of candidate compounds, for further research and development by Organon, since 1996.
Remeron SolTab is a registered trademark of Organon
Organon is excited about this new milestone for NuvaRing(R) and committed to educating women about safe and effective contraceptive options," said Michael Novinski, President, Organon USA Inc.
We are very pleased to expand our relationship with Organon and add Cesia to our growing Prasco Authorized Generic product line," said Prasco Chief Executive Officer E.
We use our compute resources to support research with bioinformatics and cheminformatics technologies," said Rene van Schaik, Head of Molecular Information Technologies, Organon.
Gene Logic will also advise Organon on possible research directions based on the outcomes of the Reports and assist Organon in integrating toxicogenomics technologies deeper and more broadly throughout their development efforts.
We are proud that Organon has faith in Endotis to develop these very promising compounds.