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At the beginning these small pieces exploited the recommended intervals of early organum.
In Tertium Organum Ouspensky departed from Hinton and attempted to reconcile the spatial and temporal qualities of the fourth dimension.
Although the tropes display occasional short melismatic passages that may indicate modal rhythms, most of the music, both here and in the conductus, is equivocal in terms of such signs, as Cosart pinpoints characteristics of plainchant, organum purum, and copula within and among various pieces.
They write as though the suggestion that science should only deal with immediate causality represents a modern innovation, when science, as Francis Bacon (1561-1626) defined it in Novum Organum, does not deal in final causes.
Here Moore might have used his capacity for spotting antecedents to make connections with the relevant aphorisms from the Novum Organum.
His programme, Organum, is a blend of mediaeval and contemporary pieces, which incorporates Arabic rhythms and Spanish song.
Fifty works have been chosen, representing such forms as chant, organum, masses, motets, chanson, canzonas, lute pieces, ricercari and keyboard works from an anonymous early-seventeenth-century canzona to a fugue from Bach's Die Kunst der Fuge.
The apparent simplicity of the folk hymns is complicated by strangely dotted rhythms that frequently recall those of the Scottish strathspey and by modern harmonized settings that sometimes make them sound like early organum and at others like something from the mid-twentieth century; presented alternately with the Ockeghem selections, they often sound richly sweet next to his more open, vinegary harmonies, Heinavanker's vocal blend is effortless and quite perfect, and their tonal quality is exquisite.
Does anyone know what oil of organum is referring to?
Eight priests listed unspecified works of Aristotle and fourteen the Organum quam logicam appellant.
00--This volume is dedicated to two philosophico-historical categories, whose origin dates back to Bacon's famous ,simile of the ants, the spiders, and the bees (see Novum Organum I, c.
Passages of organum purum, marked by irregular successions of ligatures in the duplum over a spacious, nonmeasured tenor are also transcribed in stemless note-heads in the upper voice.