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Her series of blue and white porcelain images around 2007 and the installation Along the River display narcissistic and orgiastic bodies without losing their nature of purity.
In an attempt to understand the historical rupture of the early twentieth century that almost renders the progress of the entire Western civilization completely meaningless, Patocka re-interprets the wars as the eruption of the demonic orgiastic energy that is essentially human and essentially part of the techno-scientific civilization.
Until the award Mo Yan had won critical praise but little mainstream fame for his works, which blend harshly realistic accounts of life in China's countryside with fantastical and sometimes grotesque satire, including cannibalism and orgiastic feasting.
The statistics have prompted an orgiastic round of back-slapping by our public protectors.
Their solitary sex scene is shot like a perfume advertisement - snappily edited glimpses of flesh on flesh, writhing in orgiastic ecstasy.
Caught being here in near complete spiritual elevation And there with ambivalent feelings of orgiastic ecstasy The image trembles much faster than the erosion of time, As if it was intentionally made to resemble a palimpsest of Rectified anatomy through Propertius's memories.
Last Tuesday, the Worcester City Council tossed beads and braided the thinning hair of organized labor, which overflowed from the cheap seats and beyond in an orgiastic display of unity and power.
Apart from providing employment to some young cricketers, this orgiastic celebration of cricket's glam quotient has badly harmed the interests of the game.
Their textural richness and lush colors run riot with our senses and engage our emotions, finally overwhelming us with orgiastic plenitude.
Similarly, Nietzsche spoke of the Apollonian--the cool, rational and controlled--as opposed to the Dionysian--wild, emotional, and orgiastic.
They concern the orgiastic excess of capitalism, a critique of therapy culture, the loss of ethics with reference to Levinas, the erotic as understood by Bataille vis-a-vis the death-drive, the question of seduction, sexual enjoyment and sexual abuse in Nabokov's Lolita, a plea for a psychoanalysis based on Lacan AND Klein, and a critical take on queer-theory in psychoanalysis.
The mother's orgiastic dance at the end of the film embodies the pain and confusion around the moral contradictions that confront her.