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In this orgiastic self-forgetfulness we distinguish a condition of blissful overflow to a flour, sensation of wonderful power, <.
At the same time, this givenness of death is also what calls me to responsibility, for it is in the irreplaceability and inevitability of both my death and the death of the other that calls me out of orgiastic mystery (non-responsibility, non-being-toward-death).
When the dirty dust settles, maybe someone will observe that our permitting students to conduct such orgiastic revelries is the ultimate issue.
mobbed by hysterical Levantines," and vile, orgiastic rituals in the vicinity of New Orleans by "hybrid spawn" and "mongrel celebrants.
Aristotle calls the flute orgiastic because it contributes to religious insanity but often refers to drums in bacchic, corybantic or similar ecstatic worship.
Robinson whipped up the Israelites into an orgiastic celebration of the Golden Calf.
They both display erect penises and prance before a bowls of steaming liquid, suggesting a sinister or orgiastic ritual.
Merry and lubricious couples surrender with the licentiousness of satyrs to an orgiastic dance .
Scott Fitzgerald, "The Great Gatsby," Al Kerth believed in an orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us.
But the preferred festival of the Romans, the orgiastic Saturnalia in the second half of December, certainly did not have a halcyon touch.
A complex dialogue between violin and cello unfolds in his work, sometimes harmonic and sedate, sometimes effervescent and conflicted, before soloists and orchestra come together in an orgiastic sound just before the end.
But I'm convinced I'd have the perfect budget for spending unlimited personal wealth - dividing it between philanthropic projects, global travel and orgiastic retail excess.