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The forest frolic in which Coverdale observes the Blithedale masque suggests another--Pentheus, in Euripides's The Bacchae, spying on his mother reveling orgiastically amongst her fellow Maenads, female worshippers of Dionysius who become wildly drunk and tear animals apart with their hands.
What does he think of the gang that stoned a nine-year-old boy to death in Central Park in broad daylight a few months ago, or the one that set fire to an old man drowsing on a bench near the Brooklyn waterfront one summer's day, or the one that pounced on a crippled child and orgiastically stabbed him over and over and over again even after he was good and dead?
In, we were sitting in a row on an abandoned switch tower, number K-13, surveying the planet they had bequeathed to us: a Xeri-scape of spitting gas stacks and bulbous tank farms amid orgiastically entwined railway spurs and lines.
While challenging and exhilarating, the sport of fox hunting remains extremely violent and orgiastically bloody, culminating in the fox being torn to bits, the body parts distributed to various participants, and the blood smeared on novice's faces.
A sadistic dance class (reference to Dendy's own experience at a southern arts university) turns Henley off a dance career, but he accepts himself, as four satyrs (one female) in bikinis, all with erect penises attached, cavort orgiastically around him to Stravinsky's Sacre du Printemps.