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Andrea Contin, a Catholic priest in northern Italy's Veneto region, is under police investigation over allegations of organizing orgies and soliciting about 15 women, according to reports Monday.
It will contain "rooms for orgies, pain and bond age as well as dungeons of delight", said proprie tor Jon Huxley, 47.
They were allegedly made to take part in depraved orgies.
Emma Sayle, who hosts orgies for the rich through her firm Killing Kittens, said that she was called to the door by security because a man was causing problems with the staff, the Daily Star reported.
CHANTELLE Houghton accused ex-fiance Alex Reid yesterday of texting men for sex, arranging orgies with hookers and turning their house into a sex dungeon.
Not knowing anything about orgies, Eric does research, which involves orgy movies, orgy books and a visit to a swingers' club somewhere on Long Island that treats viewers to much simulated sex and bodies guaranteed to make the principal characters look like Victoria's Secrets models by comparison.
Orgies that involve quantities of books, quantities of dust and, unfortunately, NO quantities of bookshelves.
Summary: An Egyptian man and his wife convicted of setting up a swinger's club and organizing orgies and wife swaps were sentenced to a total of ten years in prison , local press reported Sunday.
And these Peter Crouch types (I'm not suggesting Peter takes part in Roman orgies - he just has very long limbs) cradle a vase-like main structure which is perfect for displaying some flowers.
SCOTS Tory Lord Irvine Laidlaw has admitted he is a sex addict who hosted orgies.
A number of professionals have been involved in sexual orgies privately and very severe sexual misconducts at work for years.
HERMANN NITSCH RETROSPECTIVE: The Orgies Mysteries Theatre was created by Viennese Actionist Hermann Nitsch, and its performances have been an integral part of his overall artistic philosophy.