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Today's decision must be understood against the backdrop of the Supreme Court's decisions, not only in the field of employment discrimination, but also in the area of broader discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation," Wood wrote, noting the court came down on the side of same-sex marriage in challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act.
It would require considerable calisthenics to remove the 'sex' from 'sexual orientation.
Ego orientation is also linked to increased anxiety and reduced commitment to practice (Smith, Balaguer, & Duda, 2006).
Task orientation is positively related to the view that sport is for personal development (Treasure & Roberts, 1994) and success is attributed to motivation and effort (Roberts et al.
Key Words: Market Orientation, Performance, Higher Education Institution (HEI), Private University, Pakistan.
The market orientation has been a tremendous strategic marketing concept applying to the tertiary sector.
In profiles with simple shapes, unbalanced orientation across the extruded cross-section can be reduced by optimizing the die-gap exit to be as dimensionally close to the final shape of the profile as possible to minimize exit velocity differences.
social intelligence scale and religious orientation inventory was adopted to collect the data.
Similarly, Goldstein & Ford, (2002) defined new employee orientation as a planned and systematic attempt by the organization to introduce new employees to job duties, organizational expectations, polices, and procedures.
The questionnaire had 5 questions for demographic information, 20 questions for trait anxiety, 13 questions for goal orientation, and 17 questions for general self-efficacy.
The main scientific objective of the study is to identify the relationship between the type of strategic orientation --marketing orientation and SMEs innovativeness.
An important factor that influences performance is organizational orientation (market orientation, learning orientation and entrepreneurial orientation).