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The remaining errors in 3D-control are mostly caused by the inferior control strategy and orientational errors that occur as positional errors due to lever effects.
The difference is contributed by molecular and orientational polarization.
Since orientational contexts have been chosen, affect, ideology, or psychology do not play any role in Taylor and Tversky's (or Labov and Linde's) analyses.
To obtain converged affinity results it was necessary to apply conformational, axial, and orientational restraints to the protein internal coordinates.
Very often, these shapes are investigated by analyzing the coupling between geometrical shape and orientational order.
Lemke (1995) argues that employing a socio-linguistic approach that examines presentational, orientational and organisational aspects of language offers a deeper and richer picture of the interdependent components of these networks and processes that construct social perceptions in the public sphere.
Given that Heaven is traditionally located in the sky, death is seen as a desirable event, a reward even, by virtue of the orientational metaphors HAPPY IS UP AND GOOD IS UP (Lakoff and Johnson 1980: 14-21).
Orientational bias model of unilateral neglect: evidence from attentional gradients within hemispace.
Finally, the third, relational, element gives the orientational element its content.
This phenomenon is described and simulated by Dafalias using a simple theory of plasticity [10], which combines Hill's quadratic yield criterion for orthotropic sheet metals with the concept of plastic spin as an essential constitutive component for the orientational evolution of the anisotropic tensorial internal variables [11].
The researchers realized that their in-house broadband coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) measurement system could address this question because its coherently enhanced Raman signal allows rapid imaging of chemical and orientational morphologies.
Although, as an aerosol, a sharp-edged orientational average response is desired, this investigation focuses on the response at edge-on incidence.

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