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Again the structural metaphors are the most used one but the orientational metaphors and ontological metaphors are the most effective metaphors in the speech.
31, 2009) Total 37 24 25 (a) All articles sampled 1000+ words except from Forbes which were 600-900 words Table 3: Categories of metaphors (Source: Adapted from Lakoff and Johnson 1980) Description Examples Structural Literal, systematic Argument is war, time is comparisons that pose money, spend time puzzles matching structural requirements of phenomena with those of the metaphor Orientational Orientational, spatial Happy is up, sad is down.
Korzybski's method of general re-training of semantic reactions is particularly well adapted to orientational requirements for the 'comprehension' of modern art.
DTI permits assessment of water diffusion orientational coherence, measured as anisotropy, by quantifying the magnitude and orientation of water mobility on a voxel-by-voxel basis in a structure of interest.
Brief irradiation with red or blue light induces orientational movement of chloroplasts in dark-adapted prothallial cells of the fern Adiantum.
He claims that globalism is orientational, not ideological, and demonstrates this by his classification and summary of four types: liberal local, liberal global, conservative local, and conservative global.
We use the metaphor of stance to suggest both orientational and positional ideas, to carry allusions to the physical placing of the body as well as the intellectual activities and perspectives over time.
However, on the basis of the orientational values, this palisade enclosure belongs to the set of sun-oriented monuments, as we shall see (Figure 3; Table 1).
McKinley and other features of the area merit orientational and interpretational exhibits, and as the location is the midpoint of the concessioner bus tours, the area and building will be utilized heavily.
D, Blech, I, Gratias, D, Cahn, JW, "Metallic Phase with Long-Range Orientational Order and No Translational Symmetry.

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