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To date, only a few studies have empirically examined the relationship between social orientations and moral variables in sport (Sage & Kavussanu, 2007; Stuntz & Weiss, 2003).
Various experimental techniques have been used to study molecular orientation distributions in polymers, including confocal laser microscopy (5), nuclear magnetic resonance (6), fluorescence spectroscopy (7), and Raman spectroscopy (8), Among candidate techniques, X-ray scattering has proven to be effective in studying detailed molecular orientation distributions in molded samples (2), (3), (9), (10).
With attrition a major obstacle in many online programs, a well-organized, face-to-face orientation program may help improve student retention rates and success in online nursing programs.
Thus another variable, characterizing the length of the inner structure of the material and associated with the orientation of fibres, has to be added to the governing equations.
Public display of one's sexual orientation is debauchery, as officially proclaimed by Bulgarian prosecutor Stefan Yanev working in Pazardzhik.
While this study focuses on individual firm supply chain orientations rather than dyadic relationships between supply chain partners, one of our future goals involves studying and testing the relative merits of the positive-versus zero-sum perspectives of supply chains in dyadic partnerships.
Then, germination points are given by zones where almost all orientations are observed.
In other words, if phenomenology is essentially the study of how we come to know things through our orientation to those things, then what happens when our orientations are turned toward less "appropriate" objects?
Although the benefits of collaborative learning are well documented in literature (such as Johnson & Johnson, 1999; Caropreso & Haggerty, 2000), the interplay between cultural orientations and group process in the context of college education has not been examined, while the impact of cultural orientations on group decision making, leadership, conflict resolution, and employee relations is well documented in management literature.
Finally, as to the sinfulness of all or any of the unnatural pleasures consequent to and following from intrinsically disordered orientations, in imitation of Newman is another area, "I submit the whole subject to the theological school.
In addition, women were asked to indicate their sexual orientation, to provide information on sexual behaviors and on testing for HIV and other STDs, and to rate their perceived susceptibility to HIV infection.

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