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The materials don't like each other, so when oriented, they cavitate and become opaque," Coburn notes.
Consequently, rolling resistance was reduced by about 10% in each case, and with regards to handling stability, tires with short fibers oriented to the radial direction showed improved lateral stiffness, therefore, improved steering response.
Before 2008, in China only Wuhan Iron and Steel Company had the capacity to produce oriented silicon steel, the current production capacity is 420,000 tons.
Today, about 65% of FlexTech's production is proprietary oriented films; the rest are conventional unoriented, five-layer barrier films.
The power and flexibility of ABL combined with object oriented extensions has significantly increased our development productivity," said Warren Bailey, director of information systems for the Oppenheimer Group.
The company markets worldwide: its 100 percent pure object- oriented Smalltalk/V development environments for DOS, OS/2, Microsoft Windows, Windows NT and the Apple Macintosh; the Team/V collaborative programming system; and PARTS Workbench, a revolutionary client/server integration tool, for OS/2, Windows and Windows NT.
A new method of processing biaxial and multiaxial oriented blown films utilizing liquid crystal polymer (LCP) as an in-situ "microcomposite" reinforcing agent has been introduced by Foster-Miller Inc.
This is due, in part, to the fact that these organizations recognized early on the value of service oriented architectures and the need to properly govern this technology throughout its lifecycle, with the help of continuous, complete and collaborative testing.
Based in Mountain View, ParcPlace Systems is a leader in object- oriented programming technology.
If you additionally provide it a with a high-level, abstract control structure that is based upon service delivery, then you have achieved a true service oriented infrastructure.