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The materials don't like each other, so when oriented, they cavitate and become opaque," Coburn notes.
Consequently, rolling resistance was reduced by about 10% in each case, and with regards to handling stability, tires with short fibers oriented to the radial direction showed improved lateral stiffness, therefore, improved steering response.
Before 2008, in China only Wuhan Iron and Steel Company had the capacity to produce oriented silicon steel, the current production capacity is 420,000 tons.
Today, about 65% of FlexTech's production is proprietary oriented films; the rest are conventional unoriented, five-layer barrier films.
The power and flexibility of ABL combined with object oriented extensions has significantly increased our development productivity," said Warren Bailey, director of information systems for the Oppenheimer Group.
Foster-Miller executives believe this is the first time a thermoplastic polyimide has been extruded from a melt into biaxially oriented film.
Fusion Dynamic DynamicOE complements this by delivering service oriented software with focus on the dynamic data center," said Doug Balog, vice president, IBM BladeCenter.
The company's flagship product, Objectivity/DB, is the leading object oriented data management (ODBMS) platform for the real-time management of complex inter-related data.
The Emergence of Grid & Service Oriented IT: An Industry Vision for Business Success provides an excellent resource to help IT managers and business leaders develop a vision on how they might leverage these technologies for competitive advantage.