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(Creative), adjective artful, clever, daring, demiurgic, demiurgical, different, eccentric, envisioning, exceptional, fanciful, fecund, fertile, fictive, fresh, gifted, imaginal, imaginative, individual, ingenious, inimitable, inspired, inventive, nonconformist, novel, odd, originative, out of the ordinary, poetic, productive, rare, resourceful, singular, unborrowed, uncommon, unconformable, uncopied, uncustomary, underived, unexpected, unfashionable, unheard of, unimitated, unique, unmatched, unordinary, unorthodox, unparalleled, unusual, unwonted, visioned, visualizing, whimsical


(Initial), adjective antecedent, authentic, basal, basic, basilar, beginning, commencing, earliest, elementary, embryonic, first, formative, fundamental, germinal, inaugural, inauguratory, inchoative, incipient, incunabular, infant, initial, initiative, initiatory, introductory, maiden, nascent, natal, native, nonimitative, opening, precursory, preliminary, prelusory, primal, primary, prime, primeval, primitive, primordial, pristine, proemial, pure, rudimentary, seminal, starting, underlying
Associated concepts: best evidence rule, original action, original decree, original evidence, original holder, original issue, original jurisdiction, original stock, original undertakkng, original writing
See also: authentic, causative, distinctive, domestic, fertile, genuine, incipient, individual, initial, native, natural, nonconforming, noteworthy, novel, old, organic, paradigm, particular, pattern, peculiar, preliminary, primary, primordial, productive, prototype, resourceful, rudimentary, sample, source, true, underlying, undistorted, unique, unprecedented, unusual

ORIGINAL, contracts, practice, evidence. An authentic instrument of something, and which is to serve as a model or example to be copied or imitated. It also means first, or not deriving any authority from any other source as, original jurisdiction, original writ, original bill, and the like.
     2. Originals are single or duplicate. Single, when there is but one; duplicate, when there are two. In the case of printed documents, all the impressions are originals, or in the nature of duplicate originals, and any copy will be primary evidence. Watson's Case, 2 Stark. R. 130; sed vide 14 Serg.& Rawle, 200; 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 2001.
     3. When an original document is not evidence at common law, and a copy of such original is made evidence by an act of the legislature, the original is not, therefore, made admissible evidence by implication. 2 Camp. R. 121,

WRIT, ORIGINAL, practice, English law. An original writ is a mandatory letter issuing out of the court of chancery under the great seal and in a king's name, directed to the sheriff of the county where the injury is alleged to have been committed, containing a summary statement of the cause of complaint, and requiring him in most cases, to command the defendant to satisfy the claim; and, on his failure to comply, then to summon him to appear in one of the superior courts of common law, there to account for his non-compliance. In some cases, however, it omits the former alternative, and requires the sheriff simply to enforce the appearance. Steph. Pl. 5.

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Jurisdictions recognize this and will reissue a payment upon the request of a vendor after determining that the original check has not been negotiated and is included on the stale-dated check list.
transferor is a member of the original consolidated group;
Visually, the new materials are indistinguishable from the original plaster.
In certain respects, Original Child Bomb operates squarely within the tradition of American "anti-nuke" protest documents, presenting a kaleidoscopic synthesis of many of its predecessors' approaches to the subject: Hersey's accounts of the infernal suffering visited upon Hiroshima's citizen-targets, told from the perspective of surviving witnesses, or hibakusha, find echoes here, along with Atomic Cafe's canny use of stock footage to cast American officialdom's triumphalist attitude towards nuclear arms in a darkly sardonic light.
Thus, store the original videotape in a safe place (archival use) and make a copy of the original for multiple viewings (everyday use).
As codicologists can show, the loss of the original manuscripts, though tragic, does not have to impede historical study altogether; through internal analysis and other pieces of evidence, a stemma of manuscript transmission can be established in relation to the 'Ur-text', whence one may obtain a reasonably good idea of some of the contents of the original.
Postirradiation sarcoma is typically a late event, occurring many years after the original treatment.
Also, the descent of all nations from one human ancestor is denied, as are also both the original sin of that ancestor and its consequences, death, suffering and man's inclination towards evil.
Rely on a digital artifact's original software to render it.
Thus, the following program note: "The opening scene of Somethin' From Nothin' is not the work's original beginning and was not staged or written by the choreographer.

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