original sum

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The BBC offered less than it first paid to keep the series, while ITV sources claimed they had simply matched the original sum - said to be around PS12million a year.
With the expiration of the latest contract the owner asked for the amount be raised to the original sum.
If an item is auctioned and raises more than the original sum and our costs, the customer gets the surplus.
However, if they took it while they were still earning, say, a salary of PS25,000, they would be hit with a tax bill of PS11,523 and end up with just PS38,477 of the original sum.
4m has been allocated to the proposal regarding Llanfair and Pentrecelyn school, an increase on the original sum because land would have to be bought from the private sector.
Payday loans or loans from unofficial lenders can see the borrower pay back substantially more than the original sum.
It also wants to impose a cap on the overall cost of a payday loan so that it cannot exceed 100% of the original sum borrowed.
In most cases this includes repayment of the original sum, plus interest, but I feel once you start this process of borrowing, you are simply digging yourself into a bottomless pit, as debt will always haunt you.
The issue began when the Egyptian company received a sum of 4,800 Egyptian pounds from the original sum of 37,000 upon signing a contract in return for renting a chalet in the Timeshare system.
However, a businessman does not donate any sum to a charity if he does not expect returns as high as several times the original sum.
However we have an "offset" mortgage, and I discover my husband has been forging my signature to borrow against it so that we now owe double the original sum.
Summary: A woman has been accused of forging a marriage contract (a Nikkah contract), giving herself five times the original sum in a payout in the event of a divorce.