original sum

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It would often occasion an accumulation of costs, more burdensome than the original sum of the tax to be levied.
s, ETC MOT, "We know the original sum was a lot to ask, and we know the new target is even more to ask of you, our friends, our family, and even strangers, but we need your help, Edie needs your help.
The 22 persons are accused of seizing LE 47 million from 149 citizens, they claimed to invest the money in return for monthly profits, but neither relinquished the profits or returned the original sum of money.
We could go to adjudication, but it would cost us PS50,000 before it even started and all we'd get back is the original sum.
28 billion figure, which represents 369 percent of the original sum lent to Argentina, Bloomberg (http://www.
The BBC offered less than it first paid to keep the series, while ITV sources claimed they had simply matched the original sum - said to be around PS12million a year.
Most patients would not question the original sum and would feel secure knowing that their insurer protected them from financial ruin by taking more than half off the original price.
With the expiration of the latest contract the owner asked for the amount be raised to the original sum.
However, if they took it while they were still earning, say, a salary of PS25,000, they would be hit with a tax bill of PS11,523 and end up with just PS38,477 of the original sum.
The plan, which includes improvement of the system for absorbing immigrants, will be allocated NIS 180 million a significantly lower than the original sum suggested in an Immigration Ministry proposal.