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works borrow the characters and settings of the original work and use
While the original work gives the listener only a hint of the tango, the added material in this arrangement gives the movement an obvious tango character.
The four Andy Warhol-inspired prints will sit alongside original works from Picasso and Renoir as part of you- yourspaceyourart gallery's anniversary show.
More than 1,000 school children will hear a rehearsal of the premiere of Jonathan Girling's first major work for the CBSO and perform their own original work during a day concert on October 11.
One outcome of the original work has been a range of low-cost, lowpermeability cementitious materials for use as waste containment structures and barriers.
An impressive and original work, Savage Breast is very highly recommended for its relevance to the study of polytheism, the role of the goddess in a patriarchal culture, and the evolutionary demise of Goddess worship in western culture.
The 120 illustrations, script, and appearance of the original work is stunningly recreated, along with a list of illustrations and an introduction.
Father and son, Robin and Martin Tallantyre, who run the gallery in Newgate Street, have attended the fair for the past seven years to promote original work by Northumbrian artists.
Since Hall and Sandler's original work on the chilly classroom climate for women, which was published in 1982 by the Project on the Status and Education of Women of the Association of American Colleges, there has been much controversy and debate about its existence.
who want to halt the project believing the original work would promote corruption.
All such repairs were to be equal in quality and class to the original work.