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works borrow the characters and settings of the original work and use
Ku6's "Original Work Members Management System" focuses on protecting the rights and interests of the original works and their creators.
While the original work gives the listener only a hint of the tango, the added material in this arrangement gives the movement an obvious tango character.
Their gallery has been running for more than 35 years and is one of the few to be invited to present work at both the spring and autumn AAF fairs, which enable the public and professional collectors to buy original works.
In this spirit of partnership in preaching, I am delighted to acknowledge that, though these reflections for the Epiphany Season bear my name, they are not entirely my original work.
The ability to copy a computer disk or trade a song on Napster might make the idea of original work hard for young children to understand," Josephson says.
The four-year bachelor of fine arts program at The Juilliard School offers students the opportunity to explore known repertory works and the chance to choreograph or have other students use them in their original works for student performances.
That the original work was valuable in bringing together the thinking of different disciplines to throw new light on an as yet unresolved question, and that it is of importance particularly to the landscape designer, cannot be disputed.
Since the publication of ENMR in March 1996, a number of the key themes covered in the original work have seen extensive developments and a number of new applications have been discovered.
Tenders are invited for 1 Electric fitting work of ST Girls Premetric hostel at Rajpur 2 Minor original work of ST Girls Premetric hostel at Rajpur 3 Minor original work of ST Boys Premetric hostel at Ozer 4 Minor original work of ST Boys Premetric hostel at Vasvi 5 Electric fitting work ST Boys Premetric hostel at Vasvi 6 Minor original work of ST Boys Premetric hostel at Palsud
Theatre Arts Department faculty members Kirk Vichengrad and David Wright will direct the original work of student playwrights.
Original Art & Photography was launched in July to showcase original work by both established and emerging artists in the mediums of drawing, mixed media, painting, watercolor and photography.