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The Originate Labs division invests architecture and development teams, processes, expertise, and experience in both internally generated ideas, as well as opportunities presented by select partners.
Originate fosters the entrepreneurial spirit, inspires technological innovation, and supports personal career growth by providing the freedom to experiment with novel solutions to real-world problems and by supporting new business ventures with proven processes and management.
There are a large number of financial institutions that originate less than $50 million of multifamily loans annually.
The nationwide program will originate non-recourse loans with 10- to 20-year terms on the full range of hotel types - including limited service, all-suite, extended stay, full service and resort.
AMAC originates and acquires mezzanine loans, bridge loans, and government-insured first mortgages secured by properties throughout the United States.
This approach was designed to meet the needs of anyone in the financial industry who originates mortgages.
The company services all loans that it originates as well as loans for institutional investors.