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The decline in mortgage originations has come as contract interest rates have hovered around near-record lows.
Fourth-quarter loan originations were also up compared with the third quarter of 2006, and year-to-date originations through the fourth quarter of 2006 were higher than at the same time last year, reported MBA Senior Director of Commercial/Multifamily Research Jamie Woodwell at MBA's 2007 Commercial Real Estate Finance/Multifamily Housing Convention.
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91 significantly changed the financial accounting treatment of loan origination costs, many financial institutions continued to deduct these costs currently for tax purposes as Sec.
This acquisition facilitates our goal of achieving vertical integration in the residential mortgage business, with ownership and control of the entire value chain, from origination to capital markets execution to active risk management.
MBA also reported that year-to-date loan originations were 43.
The Tax Court's decision in PNC directly addressed whether loan origination costs represent ordinary and necessary business expenses under Sec.
The volume comparison is a bit misleading because the October total in 2004 was pushed higher by a couple of exceptionally large origination requests, including one loan that exceeded $100 million," he said.
Mortgage bankers' originations for conduits increased 91 percent from the second quarter of 2004; originations for commercial banks increased by 83 percent; and originations for life insurance companies rose 3 percent.