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Ecumenical work can fruitfully focus on plural accounts of God's presence, both communal and individual, both originative and confirmative.
Provinciality and the face of the other: Levinas on communication ethics, terrorism- Otherwise than originative agency.
Consider what physicist Paul Davies (in Superforce: The Search for a Grand Unified Theory of Nature) has to say about the expansion of the universe from that originative point of mysterious concentration:
This last is especially important--the architectural historians' version of einfuhlen (8)--as it allows them to effectively step into any given building in their mind's eye: to move through its rooms; to re-create an architect's creative process; and to reconstruct his and occasionally her aesthetic intentions--the originative "concept" that gave birth to the design (Burns 79).
Selecting forty-five artists from the US, Britain, and the Caribbean, the curators have used their academic acumen to present a vast swath of diasporic works and concepts, from the originative (Romare Bearden) to the brilliantly blaxploitational (Melvin Van Peebles) to the perennially cool (David Hammons).
Even Gertrude Stein is said to have done Spinoza the honor of bracketing him with herself--and Jesus--as "the only three originative geniuses" produced by the Jews.
The originative word and its spin-offs are the sine qua non of writings about homosexuality as we know them.
God is the source of the creative energy of the human psyche, soul, and body--an originative force that allows the human self or human selves to produce, by way of innovation, products that humans, on first take, would seem unable to produce.
12) Bourdieu gives to it "the infinite generative but also originative capacity-in the Kantian sense--which it derives from its power to produce existence by producing the collectively recognized, and thus realized, representation of existence" (1991, p.
For readers of the Mark Twain Circular the most salient fact about the rich, variegated career of Everett Emerson (1925-2002) is that he gave the originative start to the Mark Twain Circle of America.
This view of human activity as mimetic rather than originative is crucial to Bernhard's art.
Thus, Adams connects the familiar "angel in the house" imagery to its originative context in Coventry Patmore's poem.