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My claims that God's personal presence is experienced by humans, that the great monotheistic religions were grounded in such originative experiences, and that humans continue to experience and be both healed and lured by that presence have no clear solution to the consciousness/cybernetic arrangement issue.
For still another first, Everett was the originative force behind the Early American Literature Section (later Division) of the MLA.
Where the book enters more novel terrain is in its reworking of sustainable development based on originative (i.
Comments the Midrash: "Lot removed himself from the Originative Force of the world.
It is therefore particularly disappointing that she has limited herself, "primarily for reasons of space," to "the 80-year period 1560-1640," especially since the relative paucity of writings by women before 1560 (though these are very important as originative materials) would not have necessitated much more space than the current summary of contexts in her first chapter.
Now let us turn to consideration of the continuum which ranges from the goal-directed to the originative pattern.
First, consciousness defined as internal experience is more primitive and more originative than standard modern conceptions of consciousness would have it, rooted as they are in Cartesian or Kantian epistemologies of the subject.
The new office will host approximately 30 real estate sales professionals in a dynamic, originative environment that provides both agents and customers with spectacular service, convenience and state-of-the-art technology.
By harnessing the expertise and originative of the world s brightest innovators, we can tackle this critical challenge with new thinking and partnerships.
The originative moment of this cruel insertion, furthermore, was actualized by the systematic destruction, not only of the economies but of the whole fabric of life, of the subjugated African societies.