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brought in a great roasted turkey to display to his besotted and gloomy guests," he spills the gravy on his gown, Foster's carving of the turkey sends "[t]urkey flesh, legs and wings splattered about the room," and Kate drops the "lovely mashed potatoes, ornamentally placed upon a borrowed giltedged platter" (11).
Opera Atelier's long-awaited production of Gluck's Trojan War-scarred Iphigenie en Tauride suffered a few wounds of its own at the hands of the Toronto press when it opened an October-November run at the ornamentally inviting yet acoustically dry Elgin Theatre, accusing it of a catalogue of alleged sins ranging from overt homoeroticism to residence in an ill-chosen venue.
only economically and ecologically but also ornamentally and
Like Paul in "Paul's Case," whose sexuality is certainly never addressed as such, Dean is presented as a sensitive lad who's way too refined for his family's squalid flat--but seems to fit in beautifully, however ornamentally, with the sophisticated art set of 1970's London.
However, the tombs of Mahperi Hatun, Cifte Kumbet (Double Tombs) (Gaziye Hatun), Sah Cihan Hatun and Sah Kutlu Hatun, were ornamentally constructed and provide an opportunity for evaluating (41) them as structures open to outside.
The torc, moustache, ornamentally executed ear and a hole in the mouth (all of them displayed by the Msecke Zehrovice head) have parallels on sculptures and other images interpreted often as warriors, sometimes as heroized ancestors (including one of the Paule busts showing another attribute, a lyre, and apparently depicting a bard) and they may appear (but not exclusively) even on figurines with godly attributes.
A: You have seeds from a cedar (genus cedrus), which is not native to the United States but has been planted ornamentally.
Aceh, as is well known, rejoices in a rich and ornamentally sumptuous tradition of textile art, much of it bearing the impress of Gujarati, Chinese, Arab, and Cambodian or Vietnamese influence in embellishing design and motif, and marked so strikingly by the absence of the human figure that is a distinguishing feature of Islamic art in general.
Ironically, Gregory joked after England's midweek win that Southgate would be in "demanding a new contract" after ornamentally adding a lily-gilding third goal in Luxembourg for England but he was only too pleased to pop into Ellis' office for the form s when his skipper returned from international duty.
An extensive use of expressive double stops marks the elegant and ornamentally understated Largo third movement, while the final Tempo Gavotta invokes the spirit of Corelli's gavottes and features an independent line for the melodic bass instrument.
While the cardinal's imprese (lightning bolts, Argo, arrow in target, and Pegasus) are found throughout the frescoes of this villa, they are usually ornamentally repeated in borders or frames, and they are not described by contemporary visitors as they are in this roomy But here their large scale and elaborate framing make them hard to overlook, as they float in a transitional space between heaven and earth [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 2, 3 OMITTED].
Dennis Rhodes has commissioned or collected some interesting and important essays, though as editor he might have demanded a more consistent style of apparatus and cleaned up the occasional bit of clumsy prose (`that very ornamentally aware time,' for example, from Giles Barber's essay on `French Eighteenth-Century Bindings At Oxford').