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ORNAMENT. An embellishment. In questions arising as to which of two things is to be considered as principal or accessory, it is the rule, that an ornament shall be considered as an accessory. Vide Accessory; Principal.

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Although they are useful for differentiating some Isoetes taxa, microspore ornamentation features are subtle and their examination requires high magnification or SEM photography.
Drama of a more operatic nature came from the soloists, all of whom injected some beautifully executed ornamentation in their arias.
We're keeping the integrity of Ralph Walker's vision, concentrating on the fagade and Art Deco ornamentation that made him famous, while also adding custom-designed, quality finishes and amenities," said Michael Stern, managing director of JDS Development Group.
There is a significant amount of detail in the chapters relating to phrasing, ornamentation and the musical examples, to which nearly 75 percent of Toft's volume is devoted.
Old folding Emperor's campaign chair "During my travels, I have brought back many interesting things for our house - but none quite so difficult to bring back as this old folding campaign chair with inlaid brass ornamentation I bought in Pakistan.
In contrast the body size of a chick was related only to the body size of its genetic mother and not to ornamentation at all.
Maintaining bright colouration uses up resources which could otherwise be invested in reproduction or self-maintenance - consequently the evolution and maintenance of ornamentation in female great tits is probably due to direct selection by males," they said.
The word "gamak" refers to ornamentation in Indian classical music, and the music on the album has a lot of ornamentation from the busy playing of the band leader to the Easternflavoured guitar style of David Fiuczynski.
ISLAMABAD -- Over 30 amateur artists and art students completed their week-long training of the unique art of Islamic Ornamentation here Monday at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).
It's all classic blues stylings, without much ornamentation - a voice like that doesn't need vocal acrobatics.
Modernists embraced the ideas that ornamentation was a crime and that form follows function.
Bold colours were used to striking effect but ornamentation was kept to a minimum.