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ORNAMENT. An embellishment. In questions arising as to which of two things is to be considered as principal or accessory, it is the rule, that an ornament shall be considered as an accessory. Vide Accessory; Principal.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The buildings were higher and much more pretentious in design and ornamentation. The street itself was paved in mosaics of barbaric but stunningly beautiful design.
These apparently circled the tower at six-foot intervals, in bands six feet apart; and as each stone cylinder protruded some four or five inches beyond the surface of the other ornamentation, they presented a comparatively easy mode of ascent could I but reach them.
He had resumed the mustachios to which his services at Waterloo entitled him, and swaggered about on deck in a magnificent velvet cap with a gold band and a profuse ornamentation of pins and jewellery about his person.
We have seen, in these old churches, a profusion of costly and elaborate sepulchre ornamentation such as we never dreampt of before.
A few moments later Gahan of Gathol emerged from the room a warrior of Manator in every detail of harness, equipment, and ornamentation. He had removed from the leather of the dead man the insignia of his house and rank so that he might pass, with the least danger of arousing suspicion, as a common warrior.
The larger number are of roughly chiselled brown or gray native stone, and only in a few cases is there any attempt at ornamentation. Some are adorned with skull and cross-bones, and this grizzly decoration is frequently coupled with a cherub's head.
Mr Wegg also noticed, with admiring eyes, that, while the flowery land displayed such hollow ornamentation as stuffed birds and waxen fruits under glass- shades, there were, in the territory where vegetation ceased, compensatory shelves on which the best part of a large pie and likewise of a cold joint were plainly discernible among other solids.
Mary folks prefer plush brocade and sideboards with mirrors and ornamentations, I fancy.
Many of these pools are gorgeous structures with art deco flair: decorative marble panels, colorful mosaics, snazzy geometric ornamentation, glazed bricks, swooping steps, and curvy balustrades.
Tourish has stated that the notated version in the book are merely a skeleton from which any performer can enhance in their own style, ornamentation and variation, which is the true characteristic of Celtic playing.
It is a rather austere structure, built from large limestone blocks with little noteworthy ornamentation on the facades.