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Using the hybrid framework of analysis described above, I analyzed correspondence documents through multiple passes (two to three passes per document) for identifiable linguistic and rhetorical patterns in the areas of purpose, audience, style, and organization, paying close attention to those traits typically ascribed to Mexican business discourse (Tebeaux, 1999) such as indirectness about purpose, ornateness and fluidity in style, and placing higher emphasis on personal rather than business issues.
Despite the attention most textbooks and art historical studies give to the narrative depictions of the Renaissance masters, it would seem that contemporaries often gave pride of place to such matters as ornateness, considering embellishment and general richness of major import -- surface qualities many prefer to associate more with the decorative tastes of the International Gothic.
There is also a less conclusive but suggestive clue to the solution of the problem--the ornateness of the document itself.
Contemporary definitions and accounts of the nocturne invariably remarked on its feminine qualities, with which gender they associated brevity, ornateness and lack of substance.
Living in Catholic Austria and its religious capital Vienna, he would have sensed a strong contrast between the ornateness of Roman Catholic ritual and belief and the more critical position of Reformation Protestantism.
Her poems are now stripped of their former ornateness.
Trapped in the ornateness is the embarrassment of a man who knows he's obfuscating.
The number and ornateness of the weather maps on local news, and the endlessly amazing developments in special-effects technology to observe climate changes and movements of impending "fronts" is truly mind-boggling.
The second edition appeared in 1882, in which Patterson heightened the prose of the first edition into romantic ornateness and added a number of fanciful stories that the historical record shows to be untrue (pp.
What does it mean to claim that the length and ornateness of Theramene's ricit is caused by the sadness and solemnity of history as a spectacle?
They contribute to the ornateness of the ceiling, cover small gaps where 1x3s meet, and eliminate the need for 45-degree cuts on the cove molding that runs between the beams.
of our devotion, bowed beneath the gold, captures beautifully the almost idolatorious ornateness of Hill's devotion, as well as the multiple levels of meaning that play off one another, undercutting and reconstituting its fabric.