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A giant ornate spiny lobster (panulirus ornatus) was caught off the coast of eastern Taitung County and released Wednesday by a local voluntary group that has released more than 300 lobsters over the past six years, according to environmental activist Chi Hsiang-yu.
parasitized 65% of gills of the fish examined, a value higher than that reported in the heart of Pimelodus ornatus, from the Arari Waterfall, which had a prevalence of 13.9% in the 43 specimens analyzed (MATOS et al., 2014).
Anguila; dalag (Ophiocephalus striatus Bloch); robalo; hito (Clarias magur Ham.-Buc.); martinico; kitang (Scatophagus ornatus Cuvier), different from saltwater kitang (Ephippidae); kanduli (Netuma nasuta Bleeker); bagre; iso; banak; Gobido de Manila y de Angat (Glossogobius giuris Ham.-Buc.); biang-itim; bia; buan-buan; langaray.
For example, Brooke et al (2000) determined that about two-thirds of recorded calling activity of Cophixalus ornatus was due to small-scale factors, with social facilitation of calling males a likely trigger for stimulation of calling males at each site.
From the 17 species exclusive to alder plantations, 65% corresponded to foliage gleaners (Scytalopus spillmanni, Phyllomyias nigrocapillus, Poecilotriccus ruficeps, Mecocerculus poecilocercus, Vireo leucophrys, Cinnycerthia unirufa, Hemispingus atropileus, Conirostrum albifrons, Catamblyrhynchus diadema, Myioborus ornatus and S.
Construction of a provisional debris case was similar to the recorded for first instar larvae of P ornatus (Norwood & Stewart, 2002).
The antibodies were derived by phage display from lymphocytes of the Wobbegong shark, Orectolobus ornatus, found in the subtropical waters near Brisbane.
The following are the voucher specimen numbers of the specimens collected: Plectranthus barbatus (FM2014/01), Plectranthus edulis (FM2014/02), Plectranthus ornatus (FM2014/03), Plectranthus caninus (FM2014/04), Plectranthus pseudomarrubioides (FM2014/05), Plectranthus otostegioides (FM2014/06), Plectranthus amboinicus (FM201407), Plectranthus aegyptiacus (FM2014/08), Plectranthus montanus (FM2014/09), and Plectranthus lanuginosus (FM2014/10).
a una altura de 2.500 metros aproximadamente, en una curva del camino, me sorprendio la subita aparicion de un oso andino (Ursus ornatus).
Here we analyze the maxilla of two closely-related species of the Phrynosomatidae from western North America: Uta stansburiana (Common Side-blotched Lizard) and Urosaurus ornatus (Ornate Tree Lizard).
and Sherff-/Black Jack; Asteraceae: Aphis craccivora, Aphis fabae, Myzus persicae and Myzus ornatus.
6 (A) 37 Euspilotus lacordairei 0 Marseul (A) Histeridae Euspilotus modestus 1 Erichson (A) Euspilotus ornatus 1 Blanchard (A) Creophilus maxillosus 5 Linnaeus (A) Staphylinidae Philonthus rubromaculatus 1 Bernhauer (A) Philonthus rectangularis 0 Leech (A) Philonthus bonaerensis 3 Bernhauer (A) Philonthus sp.