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We are, fortunately, learning to live better in the present, learning to trust our inherent orneriness and tenacity.
An Honest Days Work" is the title of the 11-foot bronze monument that captures a late-1800s cowboy riding out the early morning orneriness of a young horse.
In that, poetry (an ancient technology) and new technologies are potential allies in the service of individual creativity, orneriness, imagination.
Inspired by conquest, hunger, or just plain orneriness, the bad guys from space destroyed our cities, devoured our space explorers, took over our bodies, or engaged in endless interstellar battles with our descendants.
Our stubborn pride, tinted with orneriness, to exalt and protect what we have.
The latter is no more and the former has had less reason to throw spanners into the works since the end of the Cold war, but American orneriness is as prevalent as ever when it comes to Israel.
People in the pews are more likely arriving with tote bags full of heartache, doubt, troublesome family situations, and just plain orneriness.
However, he does offer one explanation: ``The orneriness of the people involved, I guess.
Exercising judgment carries with it an obligation to interpret laws in conformity with changing circumstances; standing still while everything else changes is either ignorance or orneriness, not fidelity to law.
On orneriness, avoid animals which are highly agitated when brought into the ring.