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Time to develop the democratic virtues of independence, orneriness, objectivity, and fairness.
They hit us where we really live--in the heart of the personal struggle to overcome laziness, pettiness, orneriness, and the various sins of the flesh and spirit that mire us down and prevent us from achieving progress in character or the accomplishment of difficult endeavors.
He was full of vim and vigor and plain orneriness, but his music was pure joy.
And as his Democratic colleagues in the Senate seem to realize, it's a stubbornness and orneriness that will only become more embedded and extreme the more they try to push him into line.
The success is due to a number of factors, not the least of which is a diversity of open pollinated varieties, lots of mulch, little digging, orneriness, and probably mostly because seeds grow in spite of, not because of, what we do.
Despite the crises and the sheer orneriness of the problems related to education reform, changes in the GSEHD over the last decade have been positive and encouraging, though incremental and far from revolutionary.
Therefore, denizens of the water cooler (or the Internet chat room) had only the meretricious chicanery of Richard, the orneriness of Rudy, the cuteness of Colleen and the loopiness of Gervase, Greg, Sean and Dirk to deconstruct over the summer.
People might refuse me permission for a host of idiosyncratic reasons: because I could never make contact with them, because they failed to fill out the form, or because of their sheer orneriness.
We are, fortunately, learning to live better in the present, learning to trust our inherent orneriness and tenacity.
She was changing again," says the "Kid" at one point, "getting back to the orneriness.
An Honest Days Work" is the title of the 11-foot bronze monument that captures a late-1800s cowboy riding out the early morning orneriness of a young horse.
Still, perhaps just out of sheer orneriness, one wonders whether the don't-fix-it approach doesn't contain a grain or two of truth.