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In the biography of Nicholas V, in turn, Manetti's epideictic style is predictably orotund, but his enthusiasm gradually shines through the monumental fabric as he describes the pope's translations and building commissions.
Backing front-running course winners is never the worst idea here, so I'm putting my faith in Kelly Harrison, who did us a good turn a few weeks ago, on OROTUND in the opener.
Post-deconstructionist criticism may have taken us beyond Dame Helen Gardner's orotund assessment of the poem as "beautiful, satisfying, self-contained, self-organized, complete," but delusions of critical mastery--the perfect "tour" of Eliot territory--still persist.
The press often parodied--usually, but not always, in an affectionate way--the predilection for orotund and florid polysyllabic verbalization that earned O'Rourke his nickname.
No zombie discussion would be complete without orotund socio-political theory, so here's mine: By foregrounding the question of how much dignity there can be in death and dying, the era of physician-assisted suicide and Terri Schiavo has spurred the recent revival of the zombie film.
The attack on the nation state--a less orotund formulation might say our unwitting self-demolition--proceeds apace on several fronts.
In paring down Granville Barker's orotund wordsmithery for the flannel ears of a modern audience, Mamet has seized on the drama's generational conflict and heightened its contemporary relevance.
In his orotund preface to Hymns of the Primitive Church he addressed himself to the Church of England with a kind of heavy playfulness:
lips," he said, then with an orotund twinkling in his eyes (an old linguist's trick), he orally mimed the word yes, adding an exclamation mark in midair by way of the aforementioned sign lingo.
The bar was populated by colonial types, men and women who were far too old now to moderate the orotund manner in which they addressed each other.
Tom's experiences with Jet, Matt, the carnival girl Christine (Loene Carmen, supporting actress nominee) who takes him in, and the elderly Malcolm (Bill Hunter, in a somewhat conventionally orotund turn), a variant on the cultured-outcast cliche, as well as several others less substantially sketched, provide Tom with a learning curve which leads to a moving affirmation.
The language is early modern--that is, the Latinate words, orotund sentences, and high tone of the English Renaissance, but the sentiment is Romantic, as Wordsworth intoned and now Austen adopts.