orphaned infant

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I share with others being appalled over the recent photo op of President Donald Trump and Melania holding the orphaned infant of the couple slain in the El Paso mass shooting.
When his own baby is stillborn, an American ambassador is persuaded to spare his wife's feelings by swapping the child for an orphaned infant. However, his adopted son Damien turns out to be a right little devil.
They are as unable to dispute their survivor guilt rationally as an orphaned infant would be.
Tarzan follows the extraordinary adventures of an orphaned infant found and raised by a kindly gorilla Kala (Glenn Close) who becomes his adopted mother and protector.
The story begins when, as an orphaned infant, Tarzan is adopted by a family of gorillas after his family is shipwrecked in West Africa.
Pic subsequently and none too subtly proposes extended-family-of-mankind substitutes for Ahmad's slain son, from Rashid, his teenage guerilla nephew, to an orphaned infant he helps deliver, to a Christian kid shown playing with Ibrahim's yo-yo.
Philosopher Jeff McMahan (who has been called "the most intellectually sophisticated" supporter of abortion), for example, thinks killing healthy orphaned infants in order to harvest their organs is morally permissible--or even obligatory.
Akomas began from a strengths-based perspective by approaching the assessment with the specific objectives of listing all the caring practices in the participating motherless babies' homes that enhance child development and building capacity of the caregivers so that they would be able to offer adequate care to the orphaned infants. Akomas reports that, since her approach to the institutions began with a letter of introduction by the Executive Secretary of the State Planning Commission (who is also the Chairman of the State Committee on Food and Nutrition), the staff believed that government involvement in the project would lead to some positive outcomes for the institutions.
The Home housed poverty-stricken mothers and their babies, as well as abandoned and orphaned infants. From the start, the babies living at the Home who were unaccompanied by their mothers suffered by far the highest death rates.
Here is Tal al-Za'tar Here is the clear collar-bone of Fatima the daughter of so-and-so And so-and-so, some anonymous filth, died on the bridge of the Return Here are some excellent skulls, you can make lanterns for Christmas out of them And the most beautiful icons ever known These charred vertebrae belong to two orphaned infants from the village of Mislakh The two of them burned joined to each other Whoever wants to may touch them to examine their quality Go ahead, touch them, touch them, don't be afraid This Oriental filth is cheap.(75)