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On the other hand, the possible antibacterial action of orthophosphoric acid when applied on tooth structures, (17,18) in addition to the increase in micropores on the surface where it is applied after partial dissolution of prismatic structures, (19) with an increase in its microscopic rugosity and surface energy (which converts the acid in a proton donor and the enamel in a receiver), should be evaluated by comparing the integration of smear layer with adhesive systems, (16) which is triggered by the action of self-etching systems on dental tissues-a factor that should always be considered and assessed in the decision of using any of the two systems-.
But the anti-fluoridation body, representing all 26 local councils, pointed to a safety sheet from the manufacturers of orthophosphoric acid which states: "The acid can cause burns, is harmful if swallowed and in contact with the skin, may be harmful through inhalation.
B) Chemicals : 1) Conc Hydrochloric acid (Merck) 2) Conc Sulphuric acid (Merck) 3) Conc Nitric acid (Merck) 4) Orthophosphoric acid 5) Ethanol 6) Methanol 7) Copper nitrate 8) Ammonium molybdate 9) Ammonium chloride 10) Ammonium ferrous sulphate 11) Copper Sulphate 12) Cadmium nitrate 13) Sodium carbonate 14) Sodium nitrite 15) Potassium ferrocyanide 16) Potassium iodide (Merck)
Potassium chloride, Disodium hydrogen orthophosphate, Potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate, Hydrogen peroxide, Certrimide, Agar, CTAB, Glucose and Glycerol, Sodium nitrite and Orthophosphoric acid, Sodium carbonate, Sodium bicarbonate, Isopropanol, Phenol, Chloroform, Ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid, Boric acid, Glacial ace tic acid, Isoamyl alcohol, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium acetate, Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, Magnesium sulphate were purchased from Qualigens& Merck, India respectively.
The formalin fixed teeth were washed and subjected to scaling for removal of any calculus and stain remnants, after which the middle third central portion of the tooth is etched with 10% orthophosphoric acid for 20 seconds followed by washing with distilled water and allowed it to dry.
Ammonium dihydrogen orthophosphate for HPLC, orthophosphoric acid (HPLC grade), and HPLC grade acetonitrile were purchased from Spectrochem Pvt.
After adding 150-200ml deionized water, 10ml of orthophosphoric acid and 10-20 drops of barium biphenyl amine sulphate as indicator, titrated it against 0.
The purified sample was divided into five portions: four portions of each raw material were chemically activated using one molar solution of Ferric chloride, Orthophosphoric acid, Trioxonitrate (v) acid and Potassium carbonate, the fifth portion was not activated.
One set of the acid pickled coupons were retained as such to study adhesion of the bacteria on the acid pickled surface whereas the other set of acid pickled coupons were anodized at 25[degrees]C in orthophosphoric acid (30 g/I), at 50 Volts for 10 minutes.