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We didn't know that bubbles would indeed oscillate chaotically," says mechanical engineer R.
Unfortunately, this graceful, streamlined design gave the bridge a pronounced tendency to oscillate vertically under widely varying wind conditions.
During the operation, the spindle operates at 2,000 rpm or less and the tool oscillates in and out of the workpiece thereby assuring the quality of the thread form and surface finish.
The wheeled frame rolls the arm into the rocking oven, which rises, oscillates and lowers to eject the molding arm.
It tilts easily, oscillates, has three speeds and is also very quiet.
The rotor of the ODR oscillates about its axis through a small arc (typically 1[degree] as shown in figure 7).
The new 3D Excel power toothbrush doubles the number of pulsations from 20,000 to 40,000 per minute, while the brushhead oscillates from side to side at a rate of 7,600 movements per minute.