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9] discussed oscillating flow of a viscous liquid in a porous rectangular cross-section under the influence of periodic pressure gradient.
A special solution is to fit such a kind of oscillating circuits, figure 2 (see detail B1-fig.
Owing to the oscillations produced by the oscillating valve the performance characteristics are different between oscillating and non-oscillating combustion.
Outside the plant wall, a hinged steel-belt conveyor elevates material discharged from the oscillating conveyor system.
Thanks to their special drive principle, oscillating multi-tools can be used universally and are very successful worldwide: With their oscillating movement, they can drive accessories for sawing, sanding, scraping or polishing.
Tool users told Bosch they wanted longer run time and more power from cordless oscillating tools, which is exactly what the MXH180 delivers.
Just a few years ago, oscillating multi-tools were rare, even in pro toolboxes.
The goal of this study is to develop a mathematical modeling of oscillating motion and heat transfer of heat pipe in order to predict and investigate the effects of magnetic field on oscillating motion and heat transfer rate of oscillating heat pipe from the simulation results.
Complete blown film lines, dies, air rings, automatic gauge control, IBC systems, oscillating hauloffs, winders, feedscrews and extruders.
The central peak (the so-called carrier) is the oscillating magnetometer signal.
As can be seen, the torque stress response from this oscillating strain is not exactly in phase.
The resonance, Ayoub said, results from an oscillating torque that develops in synchronous motors at twice the line slip frequency.