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n. short for Order to Show Cause. (See: Order to Show Cause)

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** The crystal oscillator has the lowest power consumption, 1.5 mA, 5x lower than the "standard" Si-MEMS oscillator and 20x lower than the "low-jitter" Si-MEMS oscillator.
Of course, inputs of system components, such as the control input of an oscillator, are also susceptible to this kind of disturbance.
Clock oscillators have become essential to digital equipment by providing the precisely timed reference signal that controls an electronic circuit.
Define the external/internal spring rigidity ratio as [alpha] = K/k, the shell/oscillator mass ratio as [beta] = M/m, and the linear natural frequency of oscillator as [[omega].sub.n] = [square root of 2k/m] by introducing dimensionless time [tau] = [omega]t and dimensionless nonlinear coefficient [bar.[GAMMA]] = [GAMMA]/m[[omega].sup.2.sub.n].
Specifically, in [47] suppression of synchrony of coupled oscillators by means of a passive oscillator is described.
Common Oscillator. When the common oscillator is used at the transmitter and at the receiver, the time-domain input-output relation of the MIMO system at the nth time sample of one OFDM symbol can be expressed as
Noninteger Order Force-Deflection Oscillator. Now, consider a nonlinear oscillator of the form
Therefore, the useful oscillation frequency range of the proposed oscillator is limited by the following conditions:
We assume that there are N neural oscillators in a neural network (N = [N.sub.1] + [N.sub.2]), in which [N.sub.1] excitatory neural oscillators are considered as a population and [N.sub.2] inhibitory neural oscillator is another population: