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Currently, the most effective high frequency ventilation is high-frequency oscillatory ventilation which can prevent alveolar collapse with stable MAP; to be specific, it can minimum the increase of airway pressure induced by tidal volume and the change of airway pressure is little because of the high working efficacy, which can protect the lung of newborn and avoid barotrauma.
Sirius red staining showed that P4H[alpha]1 overexpression increased the thickness of fibrous cap and collagen content in both low and oscillatory shear stress-induced carotid plaques as compared to controls (p < 0.
The new method is called NSIHM4(5); it is then trigonometrically fitted so that it is suitable for solving oscillatory problems and denoted as TF-NSIHM4(5).
However, a pulse with a length corresponding to 3-4 epoxy-CFRP layers will 'feel' the layered configuration of the material, so it will have an oscillatory tail due to the dispersion.
Period was not entered into the multiple regressions for oscillatory flows because period was shown to have no effect on fertilization in past experiments (Kregting et al.
The oscillatory identity is based on data from Darwin and Tahiti: both are sufficiently close to the Torrid Zone, so this annual extension has embraced them accordingly.
Oscillatory flow of Newtonian fluid through porous medium under magnetic field, Inter.
9] have studied the Hall effects on the unsteady hydromagnetic oscillatory flow of a second grade fluid in a channel.
The asymptotic expansion approximation for the highly oscillatory PO integral [10,17-19] is a frequency-independent approach.
1) is called oscillatory if all its solutions are oscillatory.