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After tensile tests, the specimen exhibits the typical surface morphology of stress oscillatory portion in Fig.
We consider an oscillatory flow of a Jeffrey fluid through in a heated uniform cylindrical tube of constant radiusR.
Depending on the type of oscillatory test the frequency, deformation, and temperature can be varied.
Evans, Two robust methods for irregular oscillatory integrals over a finite range, Appl.
In the last two decades, there has been much interest in studying the oscillatory behavior of first and second order dynamic equations on time scales, and for recent contributions we refer the reader to [1,2,5,6].
For some studies on oscillatory behavior of solutions of equation (1.
The vortex shedding alternated from one side of the bridge to the other, creating a pressure imbalance that resulted in an oscillatory lift, leading to the total destruction of the bridge.
Since we are interested in the oscillatory behavior of solutions near infinity, we assume throughout this paper that our time scale is unbounded above.
The desired stationary or oscillatory behavior can thus be selected.
Furthermore, the stability of the electrical conductivity under oscillatory bending was investigated.
According to him, the universe is oscillatory and as such expands and contracts periodically over infinite time.