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Analogously, osculating curves in the Minkowski space-time are defined in [6] as the space curves whose position vector (with respect to some chosen origin) always lies in its osculating space, which represents the orthogonal complement of the first binormal or second binormal vector field of the curve.
1] to be osculating curves in terms of their curvature functions.
Such osculating spaces seem relevant to 'higher order retinal tuning' in the context of institutional multitasking [131], a topic for further development.
is orthogonal in pseudo-Galilean sense to the osculating plane and we call it the binormal vector of the given curve in the point P.
If its pseudo-Galilean trihedron is {t(x), n(x), b(x)}, then the center of osculating sphere of r at the point r(x) is given by
Surely the artists are not expected to stand there osculating for two minutes
In the second type of experiment, corresponding to naturally attractive or "touching - on adhesion," osculating contact was made and the (increasing) area of contact monitored until a stable was obtained in the same manner as for "forced adhesion.
Tangent and osculating bundles of smooth manifolds are of fundamental significance.
k]n and admits an important subspace of dimension (k + 1)n, called the osculating bundle of M of order k - 1 and denoted [Osc.
In view of some special solutions of mentioned system, position vector of rectifying curves, osculating curves with constant first curvature, normal curves and special cases are presented.
infinity]] after determining the osculating hyperbolic trajectory, as discussed in [1], as well as the right ascension and declination of the asymptotic SC velocity vectors [V.