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This test was also used to compare means of the osmotic concentration of the hemolymph of snails maintained at different treatment temperatures.
The decrease in the osmotic concentration of the hemolymph after exposure of crabs to dilute seawater may be impeded after 24 h either by an increase in [Na.
The blue crab regulated the osmotic concentration of its hemolymph only at salinities below 26 ppt (about 800 mOsm/kg) and was an osmoconformer in higher concentrations of seawater (Fig.
After an experimental period of 6 h, the lack of oxygen did not substantially affect osmoregulation, but it did tend to lower the osmotic concentration in the stressed, anaerobic environment as compared with the controlled, aerated conditions.
To determine the effect of changes in external salinity on the osmotic concentration of the perivitelline fluid surrounding developing embryos, L.
The environmental variation of the salinity disorganizes the osmotic balance in the penaeids, provoking the readjustment of the osmotic concentration of the hemolymph on these organisms.
In this paper, we have studied, both in the field and the laboratory, the influence of the ambient osmotic concentration on that of the hemolymph.
Blood osmotic concentration of blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) found in freshwater.