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Maybe the best time to say that all the pelvic limb elements are totally formed and ossified is the 70th day after hatching (Figure 7).
The distal part of the tendon is ossified and passes through the fibrous loop shortly above the condyles in company with that of M.
All but the two posteriormost vertebral centra, neural and haemal arches are ossified in 12-15 DPH specimens.
Except for the dorsal-fin spines and rays and the superior procurrent caudal-fin rays, fins ossified by 14.
That far from raising standards - whatever that really means in education - the test culture had inhibited and ossified the curriculum, bored children rigid, driven excellent teachers out of the classroom and contributed to the bullying culture that central government control of education has brought with it.
On March 1, 2007, New York's newly elected governor said that the whole workers' compensation system "has become ossified and unresponsive.
Many of the fossilized bones were fully ossified but those in the skull weren't fused together, so this creature was a juvenile or young adult, the researchers speculate.
In the wonderful "What You Learn about the Baby" the narrator catalogues with generous humanity the marvelous insights newborns can bring to those of us ossified into wonderless non-lives.
His acclaimed novel, "God Hates Us All," was transformed into an insipid romantic comedy, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," and the experience ossified his creative juices.
The second best thing is that it won't be anybody from the ossified political establishment that has governed France for more than a quarter of a century, first under the 14-year term of Francois Mitterrand and then the 12-year grind of Chirac.
While this may serve both sides for the immediate partnership, it creates an ossified and narrow focused business that finds it hard to adapt when circumstances change--such as happened with UFJ and Hitachi.
All that now remains of these commentaries on local aesthetic trends is the faded potential of their packaging, the authoritative contemporaneity promised by their titles ossified, then lost.