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In Apalone spinifera, the elements of the neurocranium ossify between stages 19 and 23 (SHEIL, 2003), in Macrochelys teminckii between stages 21 and 24 (SHEIL, 2005), and in Chelydra serpentina (RIEPPEL, 1993; SHEIL; GREENBAUM, 2005) between stages 21 and 23, indicating that this is the period of longest duration in Podocnemis expansa, since it takes place between stages 19 and 24.
The older adult says she likes to participate in this program because she enjoys staying with the young so she will not ossify.
Just as I'm extricating myself tentatively, for the first time in weeks, from couch potato heaven (legs curled under bum, left elbow glued to chair arm, left hand supporting dozing head), along comes the lowpoint of my sporting year and my bones start to ossify all over again