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(5) The relevant legal doctrines include respondeat superior (Latin: "let the master answer") and ostensible agent (a person given the appearance of being an employee).
Travelers Property Casualty Company, the California Court of Appeal held that an insurer is not liable for the negligent acts of another unless that party was an actual or ostensible agent of the insurer.
No ostensible agent of the British Government should be sent to the Levant to purchase antiquities ...
Plaintiffs' lawyers have been quick to point to advertising that refers to "our physicians" or insufficient patient notification of physicians' status as independent contractors as evidence that a physician is an ostensible agent of the hospital.
The court found the physician was an ostensible agent of the HMO because the HMO represented that its primary care physicians were carefully screened and fully qualified physicians who would render competent medical care.
Einstein Medical Center, wherein the HMO's independent contract provider was found to be an ostensible agent of the HMO.
However, most states recognize exceptions to the rule in cases in which the doctrine of 'apparent agency' or 'ostensible agent' is applicable
In some cases this resident may have been negligent and may have been the ostensible agent of the hospital.
First, the court found that the consulting physician could be viewed the ostensible agent of Kaiser.