ostensible reason

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The ostensible reason why Ahab did not go on board of the whaler we had spoken was this: the wind and sea betokened storms.
The ostensible reason of his appearance was the discovery, the very night before, of a "perfect little house," not in the market, which was really just the thing for her, but would be snapped up instantly if she didn't take it; and he was loud in mock-reproaches for the dance she had led him in running away just as he had found it.
His ostensible reason, however, was to ask whether Mr.
Modi, in fact, is due to meet members of the Bose family at his residence next month to discuss the issue of declassification of files that have hitherto been kept away from the public for the ostensible reason that their disclosure may jeopardise India's relations with certain countries.
The ostensible reason for postponing the decision was Councilor-at-Large Frederick C.
While the ostensible reason for her precipitate departure appeared to be the row over the arrest of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, there was also a feeling in Washington that she had failed to read the tea leaves about the possible victory of Narendra Modi in the May elections.
True, there were specific reasons for inquiring into the latter, source that it was of furious controversy even before suspicions grew that the ostensible reason for fighting it -- the claim that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction that menaced the UK -- had been trumped up by the government in order to justify British participation in an American military enterprise.
And if the minister is to be believed about the veracity of the claims made by him, and there is no ostensible reason to the contrary, the targets that he has spelled out for the future should not be difficult to achieve.
The ostensible reason of course is that such elections would not be fair.
In all these cases, the ostensible reason for the measures - food for the poor, the use of banks for public welfare and the articulation of an objective - is suspected to be a moralistic cover for the purpose of winning votes.
He said G8 leaders had also expressed doubts that Assad's forces had used chemical weapons, the ostensible reason for stepped-up U.
The ostensible reason for the military-style takeover of parts of Boston was that the accused perpetrator of a horrific crime was on the loose.