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Ostensibly an oligarch until his death, he was in reality one of the most valuable of our agents.
I have come over with the Dalkeiths, ostensibly to see the yacht races.
When he left his club, if he hadn't been dining out, it was ostensibly to go to his hotel; and when he left his hotel, if he had spent a part of the evening there, it was ostensibly to go to his club.
If it shall seem necessary, I will prove by the Misses Clarkson that they met a veiled person-- ostensibly a woman--coming out of the back gate a few minutes after the cry for help was heard.
This unity may be destroyed in two ways: either by vesting the power in two or more magistrates of equal dignity and authority; or by vesting it ostensibly in one man, subject, in whole or in part, to the control and co-operation of others, in the capacity of counsellors to him.
The meeting chaired by chairman standing committee, Abid Sher Ali strongly berated the idea of holding sports events, ostensibly to ensure speedy spending of the leftover developmental funds of Rs 200 million, and cancelling school holidays of more than 30,000 students of girls' high schools, just for the sake of it
The government ostensibly wanted the numbers to underscore the need for censorship.
Rose of Lima fired our client because she had ostensibly engaged in non-marital sex, but it does not enforce this policy against male employees," said Donna Lieberman, NYCLU executive director.
This historical romance centers on Hannah Green, a 14-year-old converso (a Jew who has ostensibly adopted Roman Catholicism) who has fled Spain and the Inquisition with her father, a bookseller and printer, to seek refuge in England.
While Diane maneuvers to net him a career-making movie role as a gay man, Mitchell swerves drunkenly around a hotel room with Alex (Johnny Galecki), a rent boy who's ostensibly gay-for-pay and whose girlfriend, Ellen (Zoe ListerJones), reluctantly endures his dates with what they both call his "moneybags.
Set along the Amazon River, Journey to Bom Goody is a wry novel about a retired electronics salesman who takes it upon himself to conduct the "social experiment" of delivering VCRs and portable electric generators to the isolated natives who live near the River's shores, ostensibly to give them a chance to study modern civilization as it has studied them.
The fifteen-minute video plays in a loop, and its seven scenes seem slightly detached from the ostensibly linear plot.