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One has to look hard to spot them; those hunting for melancholia and vita brevia need to scramble past much epideictic and ostentatio.
While in Martini's and Romano's works this placement of the left foot is part of a relaxed sitting position on Joseph's part, in Raphael's Marriage of the Virgin it puts the standing Joseph into a somewhat contrived posture, (70) as if he were deliberately extending his leg toward the viewer in order to display his abnormality--an ostentatio podagrae, as it were.
Cet ostentatio Genitaliun (36) a une vocation plus subtile, plus subversive selon moi.
Segun el estudio brillante y atrevido de Leo Steinberg, The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and Modern Oblivion, los artistas renacentistas experimentaban visualmente con una tesis teologica muy parecida a la cervantina en miles de cuadros que tomaban como tema principal la ostentatio genitalium de Cristo.
56) The child Jesus in his mother's arms is not only naked but his mother usually points to his genitals in an ostentatio genitalium.
The original essay examines in voluminous detail (aided by more than 250 illustrations) the prominent display of Christ's genitals in Renaissance painting and sculpture - a recurrent "ostentatio genitalium" to complement the ostentatio vulnerum (the ritual showing forth of the wounds) of Christ.
Even though he is not as verbally prolific as Richard III, Iago, or Edmund, he shares with them a preoccupation with certain rhetorical devices reserved especially for villains and hypocrites, among them ostentatio, simulatio, and dissimulatio.