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But consider the waste in time and energy incidental to making ten thousand varieties of a thing for purposes of ostentation and snobbishness, where one variety would do for use
But it was not to be avoided: he made her feel that she was the object of all; though she could not say that it was unpleasantly done, that there was indelicacy or ostentation in his manner; and sometimes, when he talked of William, he was really not unagreeable, and shewed even a warmth of heart which did him credit.
For Solon said well to Croesus (when in ostentation he showed him his gold), Sir, if any other come, that hath better iron, than you, he will be master of all this gold.
At 22, he has become an example of a sports icon devoid of false humility and the ostentation of many young footballers such as Wayne Rooney, Andy Carroll and their ilk.
20 Wolverhampton, nap) Made an eyecatching start to the year at Lingfield six days ago when finishing strongly to be beaten only a length and a quarter by Ostentation after the winner had got first run on him.
Perhaps, for all his wealth and ostentation (one of the most enjoyable aspects of this book are the illustrations of Elton's ludicrous costumes, one of which is pictured here) it's his sheer ordinariness that lies at the heart of Elton John's appeal.
Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum's Ostentation recorded his first win with victory in the 1m handicap.
The 53-year-old Mensa genius, wallowed in a life of privilege and ostentation funded by a complex six-year con involving pounds 100m.
Bonus for Admiral backers AFTER the victory of Ostentation earlier on the card, punters were convinced Mark Johnston would complete a double in the 7f handicap at Lingfield, backing Capricornus at all rates down from 15-8 into 5-4.
Other styling enhancements combine to give the car an even more purposeful appearance while subtly avoiding any hint of vulgarity or ostentation.
I give you the personalised number plate ( offensive ostentation.
Whether admiring 324 metres of sheer, unadulterated ostentation or simply relishing the view, it should not be missed.