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And both become increasingly sickened by the blue-blooded buffoons whose idea of a good night out is to get legless on Champagne, smash restaurant windows and ostentatiously pay off the owners with a roll of fifties.
Apart from the teenagers who ostentatiously wear their hoodies pulled tight over their faces, people seem mostly oblivious to the presence of the cameras.
Well, you won't find the jukebox playing ostentatiously traditional tunes here; Soda Bottle Opener Wala believes in Abba and The Clovers.
Nor could the elegantly redesigned Alice Tully Hall hope to compete with the riotous vulgarity of this show's setting, a queen's palace ostentatiously decorated in the suffocating gold-on-gold style of King Midas.
He said that they were not averse to adopting the accoutrements of southern or central Europeans, drinking their preferred beverages out of imported and often ostentatiously grand vessels.
The interior is incredibly comfortable without being ostentatiously luxurious, almost making it a car you would prefer to be chauffeured around in.
The piece ostentatiously concludes with a Russian Orthodox Kontakion.
Escudero said it was possible that these senators were merely saber-rattling, referring to the practice of rival groups making threatening noises and ostentatiously displaying their military hardware to gain advantage in a negotiating table.
This time the Pentagon upped the ante by ostentatiously sending two B-2 stealth bombers to take part -- just weeks after it announced it was strengthening its anti-missile defences in Alaska in answer to the North Korean threats.
It's just another two fingers, both ostentatiously and arrogantly, waved at the plebs.
Yet the primary strength of this installation was that it presented itself without return address or recipient, coalescing into a picture without being illustrative, authoritarian, or ostentatiously ingenious.
Today's New York Times piece on Rick Perry's states' rights stance makes much of the fact that Perry has from time to time accepted federal grant money for Texas, despite sometimes ostentatiously turning down such aid, and despite the fact that some conservative governors have sometimes rejected some aid of a type that Perry has sometimes accepted.