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"It's not Dubai, which is full of plastic ostentatiousness. We all like nice things, but it's better for us to go and have a knees-up and a karaoke sing-song.
Isn't this figure well-justified given the fact that the head of the Religious Affairs Directorate indulges in luxury and ostentatiousness by using a million-dollar official car and fixes his pompous residence with luxury hot tubs?
He especially lamented the growing ostentatiousness of the theater and the corrupting influence of visual pleasures on the theater-going public.
Nor even for romantic idealism or ostentatiousness of any sorts.
The lavish decor, complete with velvet drapes, crystal chandeliers, marble back-lit bar counters and intricate, baroque-style wallpapers, all add up to a Dubai-worthy amount of bling, but still doesn't get on the wrong side of ostentatiousness.
The populist political ideas that we embraced all urged us to shun the manifestations of social stratification, "ostentatiousness," and the mixing with "foreigners." Islam became poorer as it was interpreted exclusively from the prism of its early iteration, and the 'Rightly-Guided' epoch during which the Muslims lived alone with little social differentiation in a simple, two-dimensional world.
The translucent face of the Auto Skeleton watch reveals gold-tone gears, for an overall look of luxury that doesn't cross over into ostentatiousness.
Conforming to the ethos of Buddhist teachings, the pyoeffect would endorse all literature's role as that of providing "moral guidance." Even up to the early twentieth century--which saw the dawn of the novel and signaled the beginnings of popular literature in Burma--conservative factions in Burmese society objected to literary grandeur and the ostentatiousness of invention (an early example of censorship in a country where poetry remains the most censored form of literature).
As for expending wealth, the merchant should take precaution against five factors, namely, niggardliness (al-lu'm), tight-fistedness (al-taqtir), intemperance (al-saraf), ostentatiousness (al-badhakh), and bad management (su' al-tadbir).
The couple are said to be keen to avoid any shows of lavishness or ostentatiousness.
Soon after its release, Mordecai Grossman, one of Demiashkevich's most vituperative critics, attacked it as "scholarship without wisdom" and seethed, "The reviewer can hardly remember a book on education, or on any other subject, that will match this one in ostentatiousness, unreasoned bias, and downright reactionary spirit" (Grossman 1935, 91-92).
There's 80s ostentatiousness, jungle adventure and fairytale prints to indulge in.