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Throughout, it has waffled between superficiality and ostentatiousness.
The ostentatiousness of local wedding trends has also given rise to a growth of Lebanese wedding planners, who also look to the Gulf for some of their biggest projects.
I can't abide needless displays of romance, spontaneity or, dare I say it, ostentatiousness.
He added: "This thing of presenting people as fat cats - that ostentatiousness of it I wasn't comfortable with.
99 from Next gives a contemporary twist on the crystal chandelier with none of the ostentatiousness of more traditional versions.
Keep a cool hand on the jewellery accelerator for too much and you'll push the whole thing over the edge into the oblivion of ostentatiousness, but too little and it could be dangerously mousey.
That ostentatiousness underscored Winter Fashion Week, which offered a flurry of sheer, skin-bearing gowns and sparkling minis over the weekend.
Where guidance is absent, ostentatiousness is king.
But times are changing and there are now suggestions that communion celebrations are reaching new levels of ostentatiousness, both in terms of style and cost, with people getting into thousands of pounds worth of debt in a bid to keep up with the Joneses.
There's such a huge discrepancy between the rich and the poor, and we definitely felt it was very visible among such ostentatiousness.
The minimalism of France, the ostentatiousness of Russia, the sex appeal in Italy.
The bishops must make it clear that First Communion is all about children and has nothing to do with the ostentatiousness of a minority of parents who spoil it for the rest.