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Endoscopic sinus surgery was done to remove the pathology from osteomeatal complex area to facilitate ventilation of sinuses thereby decreasing nasal secretions, reduction of diseased sinus mucosa by removal of polypoid tissue, improving olfaction and providing relief from nasal obstruction.
Our study showed that CT is the modality of choice for imaging inflammatory disease of the sinuses and the osteomeatal complex.
If the nasal septum is deviated severely enough to compromise the osteomeatal complex, it may result in impaired sinus drainage and recurrent or chronic sinusitis.
While much research on chronic rhinosinusitis and functional endoscopic sinus surgery has focused on the osteomeatal complex, less attention has been paid to the potential role of the superior turbinate in the etiology of sinonasal symptoms.
It is inadequate to identify other structural abnormalities like Concha bullosa, Paradoxical middle turbinate, Haller cells, Onodi cells, Osteomeatal complex and Agger nasi cells.
All patients in the study had bilateral inferior turbinate hypertrophy with normal osteomeatal complex.
Both polyps originated in the middle meatus and obstructed the osteomeatal complex, and the mass on the right extended to the choana.
FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY2: The antero lateral nasal wall, has functionally important structures that make up the drainage system for the frontal, maxillary, ethmoid, sphenoid sinuses and is designated as the osteomeatal unit (OMU) also known as osteomeatal complex or osteomeatal channels.
In addition, the patient's entire left maxillary sinus was opacified as a result of the cyst's obstructing the osteomeatal complex.
PREDISPOSING FACTORS: Massive fungal exposure, Local tissue hypoxia, Dental treatment, Usage of positive airway pressure apparatus, deviated nasal septum, Osteomeatal complex occlusion.
Mucosal opacity in right maxillary, frontal, ethmoidal sinus with occlusion of osteomeatal complex.