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He's also very keen to support North-east children's charities and in March, the former Brambles Primary School teacher tackled his first competitive half marathon - running from Rome to Ostia - to raise PS400 for the Finlay Cooper Fund.
The use of a lighted guidewire and telescope without fluoroscopy for balloon sinus ostia dilation.
The discovery is the latest surprise at Ostia after archaeologists in April said that new walls found showed the town was in fact 35 percent bigger than previously thought, making it bigger than ancient Pompeii.
24 at the Roma Ostia Half Marathon in March and finished third at the Welsh Cross Country Championships in February.
ANDREW DAVIES of Maldwyn Harriers set a new personal best when he represented Wales in the Roma Ostia half marathon on Sunday.
Canvas Holidays' Camping Fabulous site set on the coast at Ostia is 16 miles from the Eternal City with a beach a short drive away.
Retained, thickened secretions in concert with ciliary dyskinesia, obstructed ostia as well as the antigravitational placement of the ostia, especially of the maxillary antrum, perpetuate the disease process.
Ethiopia-born Tirfi Tsegaye Beyene will be running her 10th marathon here and competed in the Berlin Marathon, Marathon de Paris and Maratonina Roma Ostia in 2012.
Ostia Lido is the closest resort to the city if pressed for time, with more than adequate facilities for a day on the beach.
Rome, Ostia, Pompeii: movement and space, xx+444 pages, 77 illustrations, 13 tables.
These histological factors included reductions in the number of glandular ostia, an irregular distribution of glandular ostia, incomplete ciliogenesis, and reductions in the ciliated cell ratio.
com)-- Grid-Tools Limited, the leading award-winning vendor of test data generation, data masking and test data management is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ostia, provider of pioneeringsolutions fororganizationsseeking to access, extract and manage data from legacy systems.