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The position of the ostia with reference to the sinutubular [ST] ridge and the upper margin of cusps.
All double AMO situated in the ANF and HS were placed in horizontal plane whereas accessory maxillary ostia situated in the PNF were placed vertically.
British archaeologists believe Portus and Ostia would have been home to a large expatriate population of North African trading families and commercial agents, some of whom had their names inscribed on tomb stones.
The short stories combine entertainment and education as the vocabulary includes many Latin words and phrases, all explained in 'Aristo's Scroll', and there is a plan of Ostia and a map of Britannia in 60 A.
The Stockport Metro swimmer will compete at the course in Ostia, the harbour city of ancient Rome, before turning her attention to the pool where she will compete in the individual medley over both 200metres and 400m when the competition gets under way from July 25.
A thin endometrium is a key factor in the ability to visualize and access the tubal ostia easily and correctly place the Essure device into the fallopian tube lumen.
Application of radiofrequency energy around the pulmonary vein ostia often evokes vagal reflexes, which are then abolished by zapping all identified vagal target sites with radiofrequency energy, said Dr.
Flavia Gemina is a young girl who lives in Ostia with her father, a sea captain who is away from home for weeks at a time, allowing her and her young friends to get into danger and solve mysteries.
The scheme is having a trial run this week on the 27km Via del Mare, which runs from Rome to the seaside town of Ostia.
Recuperando il concetto gia bachtiniano di cronotopo e rinviando alla metafora del recitare-vivere, egli ritiene che l'omicidio avvenuto ad Ostia il 2 novembre del 1975 possa essere considerato una grottesca mise en scene "senza anteprime, ne prime, ne repliche" (54).
The probable mechanism of benefit for intranasal steroids in rhinosinusitis is reduction of the inflammation and mucosal edema that occur in the nasal turbinates and sinus ostia as part of the disease process.
This latter connection is underlined as the camera cruises the desolate area of working-class Ostia where Pasolini was killed in 1975 and where a shabby sculpture now stands as a memorial, taking in the mountains of trash that become a recurring motif throughout the film.