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Dormant' pulmonary vein conduction revealed by adenosine after ostial radiofrequency catheter ablation," Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, vol.
Caption: Figure 2: (a) Coronary angiography from the day after admission with only a possible spasm in the left main coronary artery (LMCA) and no spasms in the left anterior descending or circumflex (CX) coronary artery (b) Third coronary angiography performed 6 days after admission showing LMCA and ostial CX stenosis.
TEE revealed LA with dense SEC (Figure 5), low ostial emptying velocities <20cm/sec and LAA with 2 lobes and small thrombi in both lobes (Figure 6) and one filamentous thrombus 16/6mm at the ostium of LAA, few thin thoracic aorta plaques but light SEC.
They are most commonly post inflammatory, but any other cause of ostial obstruction could result in their formation.
13 ng/ mL, and subsequent angiography revealed a 75% occlusion in the ostial left anterior descending artery.
The sulcus acusticus is heterosulcoid, ostial and has a supramedian position; it is divided into an anterior ostium and posterior cauda by a constriction (the colum).
Whatever the insult, the underlying problem is sinus ostial obstruction.
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Radiation-induced coronary ostial stenosis, a case of redo coronary bypass for the restenosis following patch angioplasty.
Surplus production of parathyroidal hormone strengthens osteoclastic activity and osteoclastic resorption of ostial tissue which is accompanied by mobilization mineral substances (calcium and inorganic phosphorus) and their surplus discharge by kidneys (Tepperman and Tepperman, 1989; Marcus, 1989).