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Balloon sinus dilation is a safe and effective method for enlarging sinus ostial openings.
the market leader in extravascular closure devices, announced today an exclusive agreement with Ostial Corporation to distribute the Flash Ostial System Dual Balloon Angioplasty Catheter in the United States.
Radiation-induced ostial stenosis of the coronary artery as a cause of acute coronary syndromes: a novel mechanism of thrombus formation?
It causes ascending aortitis, aortic regurgitation, coronary ostial stenosis and aortic medial necrosis and can therefore present with heart failure, angina pectoris and aortic aneurysm.
The postostial lobe is strongly developed, and the ostium is completely filled with a smooth, flat ostial colliculum.
Moderate left main coronary artery stenosis and moderate ostial left circumflex coronary stenosis were noted as well.
They enrolled 115 patients with a totally occluded coronary artery, 109 with lesions at bifurcations, 73 patients with ostial lesions, and 25 patients with angulated vessels.
The AngioSculpt catheter was developed to address the clinical need for a safe, high performance predilatation catheter that also provides the benefits of plaque scoring in complex coronary cases such as those involving calcified lesions, ostial lesions, small vessels, and in-stent restenosis.
With respect to simplifying the ablation of the pulmonary veins and reducing procedural times, the innovative balloon design allows the entire surface area of the encircling atrial and ostial tissue of the pulmonary vein to be ablated at one time, thereby reducing the number of lesions required.
Indications for stent placement were bail-out or unsatisfactory result after balloon angioplasty alone, chronic total occlusions, ostial disease, and restenosis after balloon angioplasty.