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The posterior ethmoid ostium was seen opening into the superior meatus (figure, A).
At the time of surgery, an endoscopic examination of the right ethmoid bulla showed a large ostium in the anterior wall of the bulla opening into the middle meatus (figure, A).
The patient has remained symptom-free for 10 months, and the ostium remains widely patent on follow-up office endoscopic nasal examinations.
The characteristics of this very rare case of polyps in bilateral conchae bullosa support the hypotheses that a concha bullosa is actually a pneumatized structure of the paranasal sinus system, and that it is connected to the frontal recess by an ostium.
D added, "It is clear that the engineering approach Cappella has taken to design a stent technology tailored to the geometry and mechanics of the ostium will be validated by objective clinical evidence.
The most common drainage pathway of a concha bullosa has been described as a single ostium posteriorly into the ethmoid sinus.
The pedicle of the polyp was traced to the left sphenoid ostium in the sphenoethmoid recess.
The Sideguard[TM] bifurcation stent system, which incorporates Cappella's smart balloon-sheath SE delivery technology, allows for flawless advancement, positioning, and delivery of the Sideguard[TM] stent to the side branch ostium.
Endoscopic examination revealed a patent sphenoid ostium and some mucopurulent material inferiorly in the sphenoid sinus (figure, B).
The Sideguard[TM] Bifurcation Stenting System will be the first drug-eluting side branch, ostium protection device (OPD) [TM] in interventional cardiologists' arsenal against restenosis for ostial-bifurcation lesions.
The sphenoethmoid recess was extremely narrow, and the ostium of the sphenoid sinus was barely seen.