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It was observed that the choanal polyp was originating directly in the maxillary sinus ostium mucosa (Figure 1e).
A Lasso catheter placed at the PV ostium was used to record the presence and characteristics of cPVB.
An accessory maxillary sinus ostium may be congenital or secondary to the disease processes due to obstruction of the primary ostium by maxillary sinusitis or due to pathological or anatomical reasons in the middle meatus resulting in the rupture of the membranous region known as the fontanel (18).
3) Average distance of Origin of SANA from Ostium of RCA and LCx
Single ostium was seen in 99 (99%) and only one case showed double ostia (1%) at left posterior aortic sinus (Table 1).
The evaluation of the bronchial arteries was performed according to the following variables: origin, branching patterns, location ostium, vertebral level source, diameter, and mediastinal trajectory in reference to the esophagus and the main bronchi.
The study was remarkable for the presence of a dilated right coronary ostium. No previous imaging was available for comparison, reflecting the remote nature of the patients' previous surgery.
At type A coronary artery dissection, for avoiding a permanent need for anticoagulation and potential adverse of the vein grafts, local repair was performed with a continuous suture conjoining the dissected artery layers, leaving the ostium in continuity with the aortic wall.
Any clot or debris obstructing the ostium was also removed.
The current study reviewed data of 84 patients who had undergone surgical repair of ASD, including the three major forms: ostium primum, ostium secundum and sinus venosus (with or without partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection or PAPVD).
The calcified left coronary cusp partially obstructed the left main coronary ostium during the aortic balloon valvuloplasty without hemodynamic compromise (Fig.
The end point may be subtle, but continuous movement from one ostium to the other with the hysteroscope, and a uniform appearance of the uterine fundus, should be achieved.