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How many of our children risk ridicule, ostracization, and even violence from their peers for daring to excel academically and to aspire to a life beyond "the street?" The price we are paying for all this is incalculable in many ways, but consider just a few figures: After narrowing the gap in high school dropout rates between blacks and whites during the '70s and '80s, blacks have gained little ground since 1990.
So because of the ostracization they've experienced all over the world from the people, they developed this defense mechanism, what we know now as the part of their culture: not to trust anyone, not for long try to assimilate to anyone.
They take their shape and substance from the very dynamic of social abjection--from ostracization, monster-ization.
(65) Lack of absolute reliability, threat to civil liberties, potential ostracization, and psychic harm were all reasons the court in Doe v.
Ultimately, however, the integration of Judaic symbols and practices into this narrative of displacement and ostracization affords a glimpse of a tradition that holds meaning for and is an essential part of Italian society as a whole.
And "putting the banjo" on someone--musical ostracization of a person for unacceptable behavior--could often be a solo affair picked up by individuals and groups in far-flung locations.
Victims may be infected with sexually transmitted diseases and consequently suffer long-term effects ranging from social ostracization to infertility to death.
ATO added: "We don't need to guess who will win here, especially when the price for Assad's stability is an authoritarian regime, an economy in a shambles - near negative growth, key industries losing more than a quarter of their income in the past year alone - and increasing political and economic ostracization".
Remembering that Christianity itself is a minority in most Asian locations and also viewed as a Western religion, Asian Christians have been subject to social isolation, misunderstanding and ostracization. Pentecostals are often typified as a sect-like fanatic religious group.
In February 2005, members of the Adivase Tribe, resident in Rajura, the only Catholic village in the Amravati area, were violently threatened with fines and ostracization if they refused to reconvert to the Hinduism practised by their ancestors.