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These instances include pressure placed on some editors and reviewers to reject papers even mildly criticizing the AGW hypothesis, collaboration between some editors and reviewers with a view to suppressing papers critical of AGW, pressures on authors during the review process to remove findings that could be construed as disputing AGW, and instances of ostracization and vilification of some researchers for their publication of papers criticizing AGW.
150) Similar with respect to public accommodations and Title 2 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the ostracization of Blacks even in merely symbolic places of public accommodation had a concrete effect on the texture of Black lives.
If coddled by the school administration, it, too, is complicit in his ostracization.
At risk of ostracization a minimum and death at worse, Nigerian gays and their support networks are fully suppressed.
And being "different" can set kids up for not only for social ostracization, but as the go-to target of bullies.
This led to a period of ostracization from the Paris musical scene during the 1944-1945 concert season and scant public performances until mid-1945.
Indeed, this has been done and done well: Jane Aaron reads the Reflector essays as symptomatic of Lamb's social ostracization, and Thomas McFarland reads Lamb's whimsy in general as his way of coping with his otherwise tragic life.
Will it just be crying this time or will it slide into a passively aggressive violence with lasting effects such as ostracization from future meetings and projects?
Nicole Pittman, a Human Rights Watch advocacy fellow and the study's primary researcher, said the mandate, while well-intentioned, is causing irreparable harm to countless children and families who would be better served not by forces of ostracization, but by methods to reintroduce offenders back into society.
He believes that Christ would prefer dialogue to ostracization," says Mukasa.
Institutional isolation, being removed from the community, and social ostracization were all early forms of punishment to individuals not behaving within social limits.
Interpersonal Ostracization and Self-Esteem in Different Interpersonal Coping Flexibility Type