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The words "Work Alone" appeared below the letters "A" and "B" and the words "Work-with-Others" appeared below the letter "C." Similar to the other choice options, 20 responses on the second work-alone "B" option were required to increment the block-earnings counter.
Instead, they agree because they have no other choice. The existing evidence on the topic overwhelms any possible normative objection.
It is a fundamental choice that essentially orients every other choice we make.
There's no rule that says you have to love what your friend is wearing, how your friend is raising her kids, or any other choices your friend is making.
Such decisions are among the most basic challenges we face, because they become the foundation for a succession of other choices we make throughout our lives, often with no clearly right answers yet with long-term consequences.
Despite the accepted view of career development as a lifelong process that involves not only decisions about the world of work but also other choices at every life stage, much of the research and practice in the Philippines has focused on helping individuals take steps toward a school-to-work transition.
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