other extreme

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But, when he's extremely sober (that's the other extreme), he sees two things as one.
The method at the other extreme is to teach such texts simply for their value in exposing such attitudes, and in the context of very specific courses, this can be highly effective; Conrad's work would fit nicely in a course on late-Victorian imperialism or the influence of evolutionary theories.
At the other extreme is the concept of a free market unhindered by government oversight, which can exert a similar compelling attraction for advocates of a market-driven world economy.
But of course there is the other extreme: fenced-in enclosures built shabbily with city money by city-sanctioned contractors, monitored by cops who enforce arbitrary rules made by city councils.
In the worst, the leaders will use force and other extreme solutions.
In the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event, and in the weeks following, it is important to identify the youngsters who are in need of more intensive support and therapy because of profound grief or some other extreme emotion.
Yoshida (1993) found that following a permanent disability, individuals alternated between periods of time where they acknowledge only their former `pre-disability' identity at one extreme and only their new `disability' identity at the other extreme. The swing from `pre-disability' to `disability' identity is likely to be prompted by the disappointment and failure that accompanies the `pre-disability' identity.
Leaders of the violent wing of the anti-abortion movement are now related not only to other extreme right-wing movements but to armed militias.
Shallow-rooted plants represent the other extreme, with many species lying in between.
At the other extreme, implementation may require reltaively minor adjustments; periodic checks with management and the professional staff will suffice to determine whether implementation is progressing smoothly and as expected.