other person

See: alter ego
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My mentor said this to me once that if you want to become successful, you need to help the other person become successful.
The other person doesn't know of the secret so they don't have a feeling or idea about the first person's epilepsy at all.
Their goal is to speak their minds and their hope is that the other person is committed to hearing them.
A parallel orientation indicates that one is interested in and focused on the other person.
As the circle advanced, every person had a turn to stand face to face with every other person, asking and giving forgiveness.
The second group includes anyone who gets material information about the tender offer directly or indirectly from the offering company, the target or any officer, director, partner, employee or other person (such as the offering company's CPA) acting on its behalf.
If you define your space to allow for the healthy choices of another person and for yours to co-exist, both you and the other person will be supported in becoming the script of your original personality.
Their interest in that child would be in its experiences an experiment, an interest hardly based on love; parental consent would merely legitimize a degree of disinterested ownership over an other person from birth through death.
The other person then must modify her or his behavior in deference to the angry person's inability to assume self-responsibility: "Your Honor, I told her that, if she burned the toast one more time, I wouldn't be able to control myself.
AK: No, because I was reciting the dialogue instead of the other person.
embarrass the other person by drawing attention to his or her
If that doesn't work, be solid enough in your statements not to leave the other person feeling guilty because he or she made a sick person angry.