otherwise called

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References in classic literature ?
This, my dear," said George with great gravity, "is my very good, kind, and excellent friend, Auralia Margaretta, otherwise called Peggy.
And said Sancho, "If by chance these gentlemen should want to know who was the hero that served them so, your worship may tell them that he is the famous Don Quixote of La Mancha, otherwise called the Knight of the Rueful Countenance.
We know that the attraction, otherwise called the weight, is in proportion to the densities of the bodies, and inversely as the squares of the distances.
Sir James was much pained, and offered that they should all migrate to Cheltenham for a few months with the sacred ark, otherwise called a cradle: at that period a man could hardly know what to propose if Cheltenham were rejected.
These are the Beating Friars, otherwise called the Flagellants," quoth he.
Elisabeth had long felt sure that her uncle Bidault, otherwise called Gigonnet, was rich and handled vast sums of money.
A Parisian woman, beautiful as the angels, was sent by Fouche to entangle the Marquis de Montauran, otherwise called "The Gars," in a love-affair (see "The Chouans").
The public is informed that on Wednesday, February 23d, being the first day of the Carnival, executions will take place in the Piazza del Popolo, by order of the Tribunal of the Rota, of two persons, named Andrea Rondola, and Peppino, otherwise called Rocca Priori; the former found guilty of the murder of a venerable and exemplary priest, named Don Cesare Torlini, canon of the church of St.
The slug, which Ballard swallowed, was carrying an uncommon disease called "Angiostrongyliasis," otherwise called rodent lungworm.
The call for removal of fuel subsidy on premium motor spirit (pms), otherwise called petrol, was again brought to limelight when some experts reinstated the call for removal of subsidy which they claimed would free up resources, free the market, attract investors and bring competition and efficiency into the downstream sector.
The author starts the masterpiece with a question of whether human-level AI, otherwise called strong AI, will lead to the birth of "superintelligence," which would be smarter than homo sapiens by far.
The ideal mental state is to be 'in flow', otherwise called 'in the zone'.