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In order to stem growing trade malpractices at the Nigerian ports, which cause huge revenue losses, the Nigerian Shippers' Council (NSC) has reaffirmed that it will soon install advanced cargo information system, otherwise called Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) at the country's ports to stem the tide.
0 version goes in line with the reported launch of the HTC One M9 otherwise called as Hima.
There is no dearth of such godmen -- otherwise called aACAybaba', aACAyguru', aACAysant" or aACAyswami' -- in the country who claim to communicate directly with God and possess powers of forecasting events.
He seems to be implying that we should all be vegetarians but all plants are constructed from exactly the same bunches of chemicals, commonly labelled a, c, g, and t and otherwise called genes.
Another phobia currently worsening at the BBC is Androphobia, otherwise called 'Misandrosy' - the hatred of men.
Al-Ghalayini said: This (Saudia fare) policy, otherwise called subsidy, is in line with the government's intention to allow the public to commute across the country without burdening them.
It is because of this feature that the demand for radioisotopes or otherwise called radiopharmaceuticals is increasing significantly.
It holds five hundred and three species under seventeen families of scleractinian corals which are otherwise called stony corals.
The Banking Sector Resolution Cost Fund, otherwise called sinking fund, was created by the AMCON Act of 2010 and mandates banks to contribute 0.
They did it because they received sweetheart deals from the prosecution and apparently because Bulger was a government informant, otherwise called a rat, which was something no self-respecting gangster would abide and abet.
Allah also elevated a particular night in Ramadan otherwise called "The Night of Power" to better than 1,000 months as it witnessed the first ever revelation of Quran.
for new functionality which would have otherwise called for a large investment.