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It really was an exercise, and it adds to the otherwordly charm for sure.
Volvo's supremely modest sales target of 150 sales per year recognises this fact, but should this vehicle fit your specific requirements, you'll probably love it for its otherwordly abilities.
Right: Pantheon is a series of images that, by covering the face of a beauty portrait, offer an otherwordly figure, by Iain Booth
It's a plucky genre departure that fits naturally with his otherwordly style of storytelling, where ellipses are king and the reader is left to fill in the gaps using their own imagination.
All Music Guide wrote, "If otherwordly rock exists, surely this is as lofty as it gets.
This is an ancient and at times otherwordly place, immortalised in Carlo Levi's Christ Stopped at Eboli and Pasolini's The Gospel According to St Matthew, filmed around the extraordinary and still inhabited prehistoric caves in the Sassi of Matera, where ancient houses are dug into the limestone rock.
No affectation here, just a pure love of this otherwordly music, communicated by all concerned.
What about Dimensions of Fear, a shortlived series about a space research centre near a sleepy English village which is threatened by an otherwordly force.
The FABC's dominant concern is centered on the kingdom of God (not on the institutional church); mission (not inward self-absorption); communion (not splendid isolation); dialogue (not imperialistic monologue); solidarity with victims (not victim-blaming and withdrawal into an otherwordly "spirituality"); care of creation (not exploitation of natural resources); and witness/martyrdom (not cowardly compromise).
Their sound has an otherwordly quality to it - something Adele credits to their roots in the city.
Over and over again, Crimean War poems emphasize the divine--the otherwordly or even iconic--elements of doctors, surgeons, and nurses to help the reader detach from the senseless lower-class suffering of war.
19) The ten young people's movement away from the city is anything but a long journey to a faraway place or a quest for an unreachable goal--and thus parodic in many respects of the otherwordly journey of Dante the Pilgrim, for the place has already been selected and is distant only "due piccole miglia" ("hardly two miles") from the city, its walls, and thus also from Santa Maria Novella.