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Otospongiosis affects the bone of the otic capsule and is a classic example of a cause of MHL.
In the occipital region, the otic capsule presents the fenestra ovalis, and the tectum synoticum exhibits the ascending process.
Also about the ninth week, the laterohyale fuses to the otic capsule to form part of the anterior wall of the fallopian canal and the pyramidal eminence.
Ultrathin-section computed tomography of the temporal bones demonstrated evidence consistent with otosclerosis of the otic capsule, more so on the left.
The sensory capsules--that is, the elements of neural crest tissue that surround the sense organs--are arrayed from anterior to posterior along the tripartite brain in this order: nasal capsule, optic capsule, and otic capsule.
Previous reports have described cholesteatoma extension through the middle fossa plate and into the middle cranial fossa, but to our knowledge ours is the first report of a case in which the sac herniated into the temporal lobe and overlying dura from a site far lateral to the otic capsule.